Just a quick remark: the reboot of Press Your Luck was done very well. Elizabeth Banks is a great hostess, and the bonus game is a lot more exciting than I thought it would be.

Peter Tomarken and Bill Carruthers would be proud.

(Aside): Just A Hipster Boy Living in a Redneck World…

…I took my stick shift car going anywhere.

Seriously. Space meggings, manual transmission and a fancy ass vape mod (because I can’t smoke my cigars at the track so I reach for the next best thing). Total hipster I know it, maybe with some Bohemian thrown in.

Anyway, off to the O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 Monster Energy Cup Series race on this rare frigid Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway. See you all soon!

Dear readers: Due to photographer illness, today’s photoshoot has had to be rescheduled. It’s coming, but will be next week at the earliest. Stay tuned, it will happen.

Geez, it’s been 5 months since my last tattoo session.

I’m going crazy here. I long to feel the sweet sting of the needle reminding me I’m still alive and suffering. Hopefully soon…

Wishing Canadian IndyCar driver Robert Wickens a speedy recovery. He is awake and alert but was life-flighted. That was a vicious, vicious hit.

Facebook’s enforcement of its so-called “community standards” is more inconsistent than CB Bucknor’s and/or Angel Hernandez’s strike zones. Just saying.