You’ve Been Seen!

One thing trolls use to their advantage is a certain level of anonymity that the internet can account for. You can assume any pen name and get after it and nobody can track you, right?

Well, as someone who has worked in IT before (and an avid fan of the show The Internet Ruined My Life), I can tell you that’s not the case. Often times a little detective work in the form if IP tracing and comment/post logs will bring you up out of the water. Hell, even before the information age it was often easy to figure out the identity behind the pen name – think of how quickly people caught onto the fact Richard Bachman was in fact Stephen King. It was quite obvious to anyone who had ever read any of King’s works.

Well think of how much easier it is to do detective work with the internet. If some of you were former Xanga bloggers, surely you remember “LoBornLyte?” Someone did some detective work and identified this person as a guy by the name of Curtis Bell – a high school coach somewhere in Cali if I remember right.

Anyway, I digress. Honestly, I had a hunch it might have been who I thought it was, but a little detective work absolutely confirmed the identity of my little troll. How did I figure it out? You’re about to find out!

In Fall of 2017 an old classmate resurfaced and commented a few of my blog posts. How he found me I haven’t a clue, but somehow he did. He thought he could hide behind various facetious pen names like “Your ISU Buddy,” “Your Buddy” among others. However, he made a grave mistake – he used his old Idaho State University email address! I had a positive identification on him quick and as those who were following me at the time can remember I called him out on it. He went away after I did and seemingly I figured the threat was gone.

Well a year later I started getting troll comments from this “Mike Muku” guy and looking through my logs I noticed he used the pen name “Mile” before he assumed the monkier Mike Muku. I did some digging in my Idaho State email address to find if maybe he used that or another one of his recent pen names and found where he had used the handle “Mile” back in 2017, as you can see here, along with his ISU email address:


I noticed certain similarities in the writing style between that Mile and the current Mile/Mike Muku, as I’m sure you do. That’s when I started putting 2 and 2 together. So what do I do? I type the name “Milan Bimali” (“Mile’s” real name) into a simple Google Search and it led to this:


There you have it ladies and gentlemen! I knew from recent IP logs that this “Mike Muku” had some association with UAMS. The very first Google search result led me to Milan Bimali, Ph.D., Assitant Professor of Biostatistics at none other than UAMS. Look at his MS citation and the year – it overlaps with my time there. This is absolutely the correct Milan Bimali; I know this is the first time you’ve seen his sorry face but I recognized the face before I even looked at the CV.

So now that I, and you all, have a face to a pen name, let me ask you this: how would you feel if you knew how a professor acted to his former colleagues or maybe even random strangers? Would you accept your professor treating you this way? Of course you wouldn’t! You’d walk out of class, never to return, and file a complaint with your institution.

I have to wonder if UAMS condones this kind of stalkerish, harassing online behavior from their faculty. If they are willing to tolerate this kind of behavior from their faculty, that is a huge stain on their credibility as an institution of higher learning and research. If they had an ounce of self-respect they’d have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior and would offer up an ultimatum: clean up your act or you’re fired.

So then, Dr. Bimali, all I have to say is ball is in my court now. If you put so much as one more toe out of line I can guarantee you I will get on the phone with your superiors and let them know everything. Of course, if they choose not to take action that’s on them and I can’t control that. I just think they should know what kind of people they have molding the minds (or, should I say, poisoning the minds) of future medical professionals. This attitude is very unbecoming of any medical professional and should not be tolerated, ever. Dr. Gregory House might have been a funny character but if any real life doctor acted the way he did he’d find himself unemployed and unemployable both.

Just a friendly suggestion, good doctor: FUCK OFF!!! If you don’t, I accept no responsibility for what might befall you. You have been duly warned.

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An Open Letter to My Little Troll

I knew it was bound to happen at some point despite my best attempts at keeping my blog separate and under-the-radar from those who know or knew me IRL and who I wanted nothing to do with ever again: I have someone from my past who I’d rather forget about come across me and is becoming a thorn in my side. I’ve let it go until now (including blacklisting this guy’s email and IP) but apparently he’s desperate to get a response from me so here you go, and I’m sure this isn’t what he had in mind.


Dear Troll,

You mean to tell me you’ve come back to be a thorn in my side nearly six years since I departed from Idaho State? I thought you were a thing of the past. How you managed to find my blog is beyond me but I will say I’m rather irritated by your comments insulting my intelligence, my tattoos, my political and/or religious beliefs among other things. I might not have approved any of your worthless comments (especially given you using facetious names such as “your ISU buddy” and bullshit like that) but I have made note of every one of them.

I don’t know if you know this, but WordPress logs your email address and IP so I know exactly who you are. I would name you by name on here, but I’m a better person than that, especially since you seem too chickenshit to put your name behind your ridiculous comments. You insult my tattoos as bad; well do you have any yourself? Do you think you could do a better one? Tattoos are art and art is in the eyes of the beholder – what’s ugly to someone might be beautiful and meaningful to another.

You also like to insult my intelligence and mathematical ability as the reasons I failed out at ISU (only to have to finish elsewhere). Little do you know about the personal demons I was battling at the time (which, admittedly, did turn me into a functioning alcoholic as you accused me of being) so I don’t think you have any room to judge. What I was going through is beyond your remotest comprehension. It would have broken you or anyone else, so before you talk put yourself in my shoes to see how you would have handled it. I can guarantee you it wouldn’t have been any different.

Alas, I know you’re all talk and no walk. You can’t even put your name on any of these comments. If you really had a backbone you’d put your name on these and then maybe I would have approved your stupid little comments so perhaps others would see what a petty little cuntbucket you are. You think you’re all that; you ain’t shit.

If you really think you’re something, why don’t you come over here to Dallas (or Abilene, either one as I’m in both places regularly) and say all this shit straight to my face? Oh, are you too fucking chickenshit to do that? Are you afraid I might kick your scrawny little Nepalese ass to the moon and back? Well you should be; I’m twice your size and I’d make minced meat out of you in nothing flat and you know it.

Nonetheless, let this serve as a fair warning – if you continue to harass me I will consult an attorney and explore my options as to what legal action I can take against you, be it criminal or civil proceedings or both. You think you’re so smart and so clever, but I have your email and IP and I know who you are. I can absolutely prove your identity to the authorities. I will have your ass served up on a silver platter, so I suggest you cut this bullshit out.

I’m sure you’ve made a decent life for yourself post grad school, and so have I. Let’s continue going our separate ways and just forget about each other as we had done for the past nearly six years. It’ll be easier for both of us if you comply with this request.

Sincerely Yours,
He who actually speaks decent English.