As If 2020 Couldn’t Get Any Weirder…

I’m sure my American followers have heard about the recent discovery of the Asian Giant Hornet (which American mainstream media has dubbed the “Murder Hornet”*) in the Pacific Northwest.

Yeah, about those things. I knew about them long before they made the news. My great-grandmother had mentioned them in passing (she grew up in Japan after all, where they are referred to as the oo-suzumebachi – or the “giant sparrow bee”). I don’t recall her ever mentioning anything about being stung by one, but I can’t remember for sure if she had.

Times like this honestly serve to make me miss her more. I’m not really freaked out by the hornets’ presence (save for the threat it could have on honeybees), but rather it makes me wistful for a simpler time.

In the meantime, for a balanced report on these, check out Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson. He was brave enough to voluntarily take a sting from this hornet, and gives his experience here plus some other tidbits.

Stay safe out there!

*Addendum – “Murder Hornet” has to be the most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard. I vastly prefer the Japanese name.

Four Years of Ink

Four years ago today, I got my first tattoo – my little semicolon. What seemed like a small mark has proven to change my life forever. (Read last year’s post for a full recount of why I got it to begin with).

It led to the start of this blog, which started out as a personal diary to think of tattoo ideas. Starting this blog led me to meet people near and far, but above all – this blog was the vehicle for me to find love again, to fall in love again, to finally escape Hillbilly Hell (Abilene) and to start me on the journey to mend my health.

It’s amazing how the smallest of decisions can alter the courses of our lives in such huge ways isn’t it? It’s been one amazing journey to say the least.

Right now? I’m at a standstill with the ink (out of ideas) but I hope to add a couple more this year too. The itch is slowly returning, but I think I will be slowing down now as I’ve made up for lost time with my 11 current ones (and a few more sessions for add-ons to older ones). Of course I’ll catalog them as I get them.

Stay tuned.


New Blog: Texas Bite & Sip

Hello my friends!

In my last post I eluded to a potential new blog for Texas eatery and winery reviews. Today, that blog was born: Texas Bite & Sip!

Texas Bite & Sip is a collaboration between myself and Laina Eartharcher. In this blog, we will visit and review a variety of Texas restaurants, wineries, dives, etc. together – each giving our own perspective. We might agree or agree-to-disagree, but we’ll give it to you straight from our respective viewpoints.

We do not pretend to be experts in this field, just everyday people like you who want a down-to-earth review. That’s what you’ll find.

If you are interested and so inclined, please visit and follow! The site is still under construction, but hopefully we’ll have our first review live in the very near future.

Some Blog Reflections

It’s been since I’ve moved to San Antonio since I’ve even written anything on here. I’ve been busy settling in, exploring, visiting wineries in the hill country, that kind of thing. I’m also learning American Sign Language via free classes taught by the honors students of a local high school program.

Anyway, I digress. I still feel like I’m out of inspiration for blog posts for now, especially given how the central themes of this blog have seemingly gone by the wayside. I never got much traffic on any of my autism or tattoo themed posts. Most of my traffic has been on my political rants and my most popular post to date is the DIY tutorial on how to cut Daisy/Davy Dukes. Like seriously? I mean it was a fun post but surely there aren’t that many guys especially who have the guts to wear anything besides sissy-ass long shorts.

I’ll definitely keep this blog open. It costs me nothing to leave it here. I’ll check in from time to time, but I’ve got quite a big announcement coming soon. Some of you who have stuck with me the past few months are likely going to know what that is, but I’ll let it brew for now.

Has This Blog Run Its Course?

Yes, I know I’m nowhere near as prolific as I once was on this blog. What’s gone from 1-2 posts/day has dwindled to maybe 1-2 posts per week max, and most of those are, shall we say, labored?

It’s like I’m writing out of a sense of obligation at this point. Sure, this blog has grown beyond what I ever anticipated, but I just don’t know anymore.

Overall, traffic is down. Everything is down. With the exception of a couple of core people, nobody reads or comments anymore. My core people are all connected to me outside of my blog at this point (FB, phone, email, Hangouts) so does this blog really serve a purpose anymore?

My own inked journey might be coming to an end. I have 11 tattoos right now, and there’s a real possibility I’ll stop here. I’ve just not had the desire for a new one, and it’s been almost 5 months since I last went under the needle. As I’ve quickly run out of tame spots, I’m at the point I would have to tackle the more painful areas if I wanted to continue and I’m just not sure I want to do that.

I was once the one who gave the minority opinion on the autism issue. In a way, that gave me a niche market in the autism blogosphere. I can’t help but think many read me to either hear the opposite opinion or to tear me to shreds as an example of the type of person not to be. Given my own what I’ll call 150 on the topic of neurodiversity (I won’t call it a 180), I’ve become just another autism blogger (when I do blog about that topic). My niche is gone. I have nothing to set me apart from the crowd.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ve had probably a dozen or so blogs over the years, most of which fizzled out after 2-3 years. One of which only lasted five months. All of those blogs are gone. Deleted forever. This is the only active one I have now.

While I won’t be deleting this blog (as I feel some of my older posts still give some balance to the cure/no cure debate and I have some solid advice for those looking to get started in an inked journey, as well as some fashion advice for those men who want to be cutting edge), I just don’t know if I have the desire to continue blogging new content.

I guess seasons change and so did I, and maybe not in a good way in this aspect. Oh well. It happens I guess.

“Greatest Country in the World?”

Seriously? Look at these statistics:

That’s pretty shocking isn’t it?

Yes, I just have to make an obligatory Independence Day post. And it’s not one that you’d expect from someone who actually lives in the states. Alas, here were my remarks on Facebook earlier today:


Some sobering statistics. How does one even quantify “the greatest country in the world?” That’s all subjective opinion as it were.

I’m not saying I dislike this country. I’m also not necessarily saying I’d be less miserable elsewhere. However when we look at objective measuring sticks we see the subjectiveness of such a claim.

There is no “greatest country in the world.” There is no worst either. It’s a matter of personal opinion that when asserted as fact sounds totally asinine.

I pledge no allegiance to any country or government. I pledge allegiance only to my own conscience. I’m an American citizen on paper but at heart I’m a non-citizen of the world, for we are all interdependent upon one another regardless of some imaginary lines drawn in the earth.

Have a good day everyone.


So there you have it. I now leave you with this song, which has more substance to the lyrics than this entire country seems to. It’s also fitting in that this song perfectly describes the blind patriotism of most American conservatives.

The Plot Thickens…

Poor Phoenix just can’t catch a break. After the 2nd time back to the dealership, the rough idle remained though I didn’t get any more check engine codes. An engine shouldn’t idle rough at any time or speed, so that means something else was up.

So, after the dealership I bought her from failed to fix her twice, I’m like to hell with it; I’m calling the experts and taking her into an actual licensed VW tech. Apparently Hyundai techs are good for little more than those cars (which are cheap ass Korean cars).

So that’s what I did this afternoon. They ran the VIN and lo and behold the previous owner brought the car in on May 20th – just before the car was traded in at Hyundai. The receptionist remembered vividly selling him spark plugs and ignition coils at the time (which the previous owner was going to replace himself).

Well apparently he didn’t do that, or he decided to try to cheap out with aftermarket parts because the tech discovered that cylinders 3 and 4 had aftermarket coils. Hmmmm, cylinder 4? You mean the one that was showing misfire codes? You don’t say!!! As such, the VW tech changed out coils 3 and 4 with OEM coils and took her for a drive and noticed no more codes pop up.

The tech also suspects that there is significant carbon buildup in the valves and fuel injectors. This would be the result of two things. First is the use of inferior quality gasoline (i.e. that does not meet Top Tier Detergent Gasoline standards) and not using the proper fuel system cleaner at the correct intervals. The other cause for a high-performance engine to gunk up is not occasionally using the engine for what it’s designed for – revving up and driving hard. Obviously don’t do it all the time, but doing so every now and then for short bursts is good for the engine as it will help blow out carbon deposits. This is colloquially known as the “Italian tuneup.” Since these obviously weren’t measures taken by the previous owner, the tech recommended a high power fuel additive to deep clean the entire fuel system. Think of it like a colonoscopy prep for a car.

At the end of the day, now I’m seeing why I got Phoenix so cheaply. The previous owner (described by the receptionist as a “young guy – a kid”) was apparently a complete idiot and did not look after her properly. He fucked her up through both negligence and thinking he knew too much about DIY maintenance. When he did and got tired of dealing with the issues, he traded the car in.

That said, the Hyundai dealership isn’t completely innocent in all this. Coil 4 was replaced by them last time, and instead of getting a proper part from VW they got an aftermarket one to replace a faulty aftermarket part. They very clearly have no clue how to work on a VW and maybe did more harm than good. As such, I will see to it that this and any additional near future repairs needed (because who know what else could be ailing her if this kid was as stupid as I think he must be) will be reimbursed as they sold me an extended warranty on a car they have no clue how to repair.

We shall see. VW Abilene said they’d let me know when another shipment of the fuel system cleaner arrives so I can pick a bottle up and run it through, and whatever else might be the issue hopefully clears up after that.

It’s been a wild ride for sure, but not one I’ve enjoyed. Hopefully it’s coming to the end now. I feel so sorry for poor Phoenix. She didn’t get the love and care she needed from her previous owner. Alas, that doesn’t mean I can’t give her the love and care she needs, and I plan to do just that.

Not all car owners are bad.

Move and Other Life Updates

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a general life update, so I figured I’d do that here.

The first one, and the most glaring for everyone, is the status on my move to San Antonio. When is it going to happen? Quicker than I thought it might. Currently, I’m looking at a fall move date (after the upcoming Mercury Retrograde passes – I’ll talk more about that later). My boss has given me the blessing to work 100% remotely when the time comes, so long as I can show up in the office “as-needed” (which he will give me enough heads-up to be able to do so). It’s such a relief I won’t have to worry about a job hunt, because in today’s job market that could take months to years.

Laina came up and visited this past weekend, and we had a blast together and with a couple of my local friends. We went bowling, something I love to do but haven’t done in years and it sure as hell showed. We ate some great gluten-free food at a couple of my favorite local eateries. I showed her some highlights of Abilene (what few there are). She drove Phoenix for a little bit, did excellent for someone who hadn’t driven a manual transmission vehicle in 16 years, and I drove her pickup for a bit and realized just how easy it was to drive (oh, and I didn’t lock up the brakes trying to clutch!). I’ll be going back down to San Antonio this weekend for a visit, also, and to do some more scoping. This will be my first road trip with Phoenix, so I’m really hoping her ailing fourth cylinder has been cured this time around!

Concerning the gluten-free thing, I’m coming to realize in the few times I’ve gone gluten-free to make Laina’s life easier when eating out together or having drinks, that there is in fact a life after giving up gluten. Sure, there are so many things I won’t be able to have, but I’m surprised by how many things I will be able to still enjoy if I in fact have to go gluten-free. I wasn’t willing to consider it before, but now I totally am, for I want to stick around and see my vision come true. Once I get settled into my real home, I’ll have the panel run to see if it is in fact the thing. As mentioned previous, it could explain a lot of things ailing both my physical and mental health.

I’m slowly working at getting into music again. I’m playing my guitar and pipes more, and am gradually inching my way back out to performing again. It was a great outlet, and I loved it before that one time I got booed off stage. Singing along to the radio and jamming with a certain special someone and a close local friend has helped me to regain some of my confidence, and while I’m still a long way away from ready to getting back to performing, but my confidence is slowly returning. Very slowly, but returning.

Concerning my next tattoo, I think my next one won’t be a new one, but a re-work of an existing one – my dagger and Saltire flag. That one healed like complete shit. It’s already lost so much definition. Many lines are blown out, the color saturation is spotty and the detail in the dagger is blurred out. I’ve stopped putting sunscreen on that one and am letting the sun do its thing to lighten it up to make it easier to re-work. Hopefully that will come before the end of the year, for I’m out of ideas for a new tattoo at the moment but I still need to go under the needle regularly as that’s an integral part of my overall well-being. That tattoo was the only one my primary artist hasn’t done, and needless to say I’ve learned my lesson not to get tattooed in the back of a camper.

Anyway, probably the biggest transformation in me now? Remember how I mentioned Mercury Retrograde earlier? Recent months has served as sort of a spiritual awakening for me, getting in touch with my higher consciousness and the ways of the universe. It’s an angle I’d never considered before, but after so much of what Laina has shared with me about true Sidereal astrology (not the Tropical bullshit that came out of the Council of Nicea, along with that lying sack of shit called the Bible), and how true it’s rung to me in my own life, I can’t help but think there’s definitely something to it. Of course the Abrahamic/monotheistic religions are obviously total bullshit, but that doesn’t mean spirituality isn’t a thing. I can be quite comfortable being an atheist while adding that dimension, and it’s so very fulfilling. I’m just lucky my sign under both the real and fake systems is the same, for I’d already been permanently marked as a Pisces!

Is there anything else? I can’t think of anything at the moment, but those are my biggest life updates. I’m on my way to being a better version of me. Don’t worry – I’m still the short shorts (warm weather) and leggings (cold weather) clad, tatted, Aspie me I’ve always been and always will be. I’m just putting to rest some demons in my past and coming out of my shell more, embracing my true inner self. This has been a transformative experience for me, and it’s only the beginning. What’s next? Only the universal consciousness knows, but I can’t wait to find out!

Crisis Averted Again?

Well, apparently there was more to poor Phoenix’s ailing fourth cylinder than a faulty spark plug.

On the way back from the office, I got caught up in the parking lot driveway just long enough for the engine to idle roughly, once again triggering a misfire code as evidenced by a flashing check engine light. I debated whether or not to turn the engine off and get a tow, but it went away after I got rolling so I felt comfortable as to drive it into the dealership for another go-over.

Turns out that sure, the spark plug was blown but so was the coil pack. VWs are apparently very order-sensitive as to where you put things, and the previous owner apparently attempted a DIY tune-up and wiz-wired the thing to the wrong firing order, probably blowing the plug and coil. A new coil later and all seems well again.

Hopefully this is the end of the saga. A word to the wise: do not attempt a tune-up on a German car unless you’re an expert. They apparently require an extra level of attention that crappy American cars don’t.

Alas, this was all resolved at no cost to me so I can’t complain too much. Phoenix is a badass little car after all (you can even ask Laina who I let drive her this past weekend. Laina did well enough for not having driven a manual in like 16 years).

Oh, speaking of which, Phoenix also got her first tattoo today. Just as I am tattooed, so are my cars. It’s an appropriate tattoo for her too:

Fitting isn’t it? And I was able to get a decal that matched the shift pattern. Absolutely perfectly fitting. Now to replace my Texas Motor Speedway sticker.

Bad Luck – It Could Get Better(?)…

…but it’s going to get worst, first (assuming it does even get better).

Well that’s how it all works right? My suspicions were confirmed this morning when I had the diagnostic trouble code read and it came back as P0304 (misfire in cylinder 4).

So yeah. Car is undrivable for now. Driving with a misfire is never a good thing as you risk serious damage to the cat doing that.

Man, what sins am I paying for that I committed in a past life such that I’m being punished dearly for it in this one? Seriously, what did I do to deserve this?

OMG. It just seems like my life will always suck. Like what the actual fuck?

Excuse me while I go fucking cry my eyes, lungs, heart and brains out.