Comments: Read Me First

Updated 12/16/18

I really hate to have to institute a formal commenting policy as I really do wish for this to be a place where we can openly exchange ideas, but recent events have forced my hand into establishing the following (admittedly very loose) guidelines for comments so here we go.

Firstly, you must be logged into an active WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc. account to comment. This is to make it easier to track abusers and properly report them. With open commenting there’s no way to stop someone from using a fake email address. By requiring an active social media account, I have eliminated that possibility.

Let it first be known that I can handle a difference of opinion. If you have a dissenting opinion from the one I have presented in a blog post or in a response to another comment, please do not let that dissuade you from adding your input. I’m not so inflexible to think I’m 100% right 100% of the time. I have been known to reverse positions on a number of issues if sufficient evidence is presented to persuade me to do so. Even if you are unsuccessful in persuading me, I welcome dialog on a number of issues and if I don’t want dialog on a particular post I will turn comments off to begin with.

I will also not censor profanity of any sort. You probably see a fair amount of it in a lot of my posts. I’m not one for virgin ears (eyes?) nor am I offended by such language so use as colorful of language as you feel necessary to get your point across. I tend to think of the primary topics my blog focuses on as adult-themed topics anyway and my blog really isn’t aimed toward children so sailor mouths (fingers?) are more than welcome here.

The only things that will not be tolerated are libelous/defamatory remarks and/or character assassination. If you come here just to attack my character or the character of anyone else in my blog feed or the comment thread, that absolutely will not be tolerated. Of course, I can’t prevent you from trashing me or anyone else on your own blog, but I will not stand for it here.

The consequences of posting a comment in violation to the above will be as follows: for a first offense, your comment will be deleted and you will receive a warning via email. A second offense will result in your comment being deleted and you will be blacklisted for a period of one calendar month. A third offense will result in a permanent blacklisting.

In addition to the above, if you are using the internet provided by an educational institution or a company/corporate account for your typographical abuse, your institution or company will be notified so they can take the appropriate disciplinary action. Depending on the severity of the offense, “private citizens” as it were might have their ISPs notified regardless and if the offense is serious enough, law enforcement will be contacted.

There will be absolutely no exceptions to the above policy. Again, I hate that it’s come to this but I knew it was the risk I ran with having a very open blog. I really hoped the people of WordPress were good enough to have some common decency and to be fair 99.99% of the comments I’ve received on this site do not fall into the umbrella listed above. Alas, there’s always got to be someone, right?

Alas, I hope to not have to invoke the above protocols. I say let’s all just play nice and be friends. Thank you.

-Lynn Blair, The Inked Autist