Cigar Review: Pier 28 Habano


This offering features an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and  Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers. The size reviewed here is a 6″ x 46RG Corona Gorda vitola.

First light reveals a perfect draw and putting off ample medium/full body smoke. Flavors of a very dry hay/grass followed up by a bitter pepper and bright cedar on the retrohale (man I hope it gets better; not my preferred flavor profile!).

Settling into the first third we get many of the classic Rosado shade Habano flavors – unsweetened cream, leather and nuts still with a background tinge of the hay. The bitterness has worn off while the cedar and pepper remain.

We see a very welcome transition in the 2nd third as the hay wears off and a bright dried pineapple note joins the other flavors. The hay rears is ugly head again in the back so I ended it prematurely at 55 minutes which is still not a bad time for a small ring gauge. Subtle nicotine strength.

On the plus side, this cigar was well-constructed with a very straight burn. Short ash, but that’s to be expected with a small ring gauge. High quality self-adhesive band that was easy to remove.

If you like the above flavor profile this is definitely one to check out, but for me personally this one missed the mark. I imagine some would enjoy it though. If you like that sort of dry, vegetal flavor profile definitely check this one out though. Rating: 3/5.


(Aside): Just A Hipster Boy Living in a Redneck World…

…I took my stick shift car going anywhere.

Seriously. Space meggings, manual transmission and a fancy ass vape mod (because I can’t smoke my cigars at the track so I reach for the next best thing). Total hipster I know it, maybe with some Bohemian thrown in.

Anyway, off to the O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 Monster Energy Cup Series race on this rare frigid Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway. See you all soon!

Cigar Review: Southern Draw Cedrus


I’ve become a big fan of the Southern Draw line recently. Every one I’ve had to date has been a real winner, so when this one came in my March Privada box I was very excited to see another one of their offerings. The Cedrus features an Indonesian Sumatra wrapper over a Nicaraguan Habano 2000 binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers. The size reviewed here is a 5.5″ x 52RG Belicoso vitola.

The first light revealed a perfect draw producing plentiful medium/full bodied smoke. Notes of cedar, leather and pepper. Tiny bit of sweetness and a tinge of hot cinnamon clears the sinuses on the retrohale.

Getting into the first third we see more of the same. Pepper dials down just a little bit and a salted roasted nut note enters the mix. There’s also maybe a fleeting hint of cocoa on the tip of the tongue. Everything is bold and complex but well blended.

Into the 2nd third we see an interesting transition. The cinnamon drops off and is replaced by a zingy lemon zest. The leather also takes on more of a yeasty bread note along with a hint of banana  -think like a Belgian beer or banana bread type flavor. Still the same subtle sweetness to round it out.

The final third sees another fairly major transition. The nutty notes take on a very distinct toasted pecan note that takes over the palate. Sweetness drops off while the leather returns with a slight vegetal undertone. Ending at 55 minutes for a solid burn time from a robusto sized stick and bringing in a medium nicotine strength.

Flawless construction with a near razor sharp burn. Ash held on right to the first band. High quality self adhesive bands that come off easily and do not damage the wrapper.

Yet another solid offering from Southern Draw. Lots of complexity, richness and very transitional. I paired this with some of my Chila spiked coffee and it was a beautiful pairing. Ra.ting: 4.5/5.

When It All Crashes Down…

(Personal rant, feel free to gloss over.)

Someone once asked me if maybe I was subconsciously choosing misery because it’s easier to deal with when you’ve accepted that you’ll never be happy. The answer to that question is no, it doesn’t get any easier when you accept that.

A few months ago it seemed like maybe things were going to take a turn for the better. Well, again, “tell me lies and I’ll come running” right? This time will be different right? I’ll finally get something on my side right? I’ll finally be able to transcend my day job and make a name for myself out of corporate America right? I should have fucking known better, but like an idiot I fell for this shit again.

So a couple of big projects that I mentioned a few months ago (namely my full-on meggings modeling shoot and the musical I was going to write with a friend)? Yeah, those will not be coming to fruition unfortunately. Why? The friend I was supposed to work on these things with is moving far away. What seemed like something promising to maybe get me away from corporate America and into something more artistic and a truer expression of my inner self has just come to a screeching hault.

Why the fuck do I even get my hopes up anymore? When am I going to wise up and accept that I was just destined to be a corporate slave until lunch on the day of my funeral? I don’t know, but I’m sick of it.

I hate my job. I hate my coworkers. I hate my bosses. The only escape I ever get from the routine is the watering hole and the cigar lounge, but even then on certain days the latter is a no-go (depending on the crowd, I have a lot of enemies over there). The rest of the time? I’m just a mindless drone doing boring, repetitive and painful tasks while either trapped in an office or at home.

Unfortunately my parents are only 55 and 52. This means they both have about 25-30 years left, assuming a normal life expectancy. If this corporate bullshit is going to be my life from now on, I don’t see any reason I should continue to live after they’re gone. Truth be told that’s the big driving reason behind me not ending my life at this point – namely the pain it would cause them. When they’re gone? Well seeing as how I have no significant other or children, I would be existing simply for myself. I don’t really get along with either of my siblings so I doubt they’d even care that much.

I don’t know. I’m just sick and tired of nothing ever working out for me. I’ll be 32 in a couple of weeks and what real accomplishments do I have to my name? Oh that’s right, NOTHING!!!! Unless, of course, you consider working for a cheap-ass corporate crane company (seriously, I’m way underpaid for what I do and the benefits package is all but complete shit) an accomplishment, which I don’t. Anyone with a basic knowledge of math and computer/IT could do what I do truth be told. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than being shit-ass broke, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

What-the-fuck-ever. I’m sick of it all.

Comments Disabled

All, it is with sadness that I am having to disable comments at the present time, while I work with Comcast and law enforcement to address this ongoing issue with said troll. It sucks how one person can ruin everything.

I do know a couple of change ringers from Little Rock, AR so maybe someone I know knows of this person. Shit, maybe the troll is one of the Little Rock change ringers who does personally know me but is using a pen name to conceal his or her identity. Whatever the case, I will not put up with this abuse anymore and am doing what I have to in order to shut this person down while I work with the powers that be.

I’m sorry it has come to this, but what can you do?

Oh No Way, Oh So Way

Stolen from King Ben’s Grandma.

Been so drunk, just couldn’t walk

Oh So Way. Sadly. In my defense, I can count the number of times I’ve been such on one hand. First was at the 2010 Mountain Brewer’s Beer Festival in Idaho Falls. $20 for unlimited samples? Yeah, bad idea. The only other time was after my friend got fired when we were both working at my previous company. I took it hard, needless to say.

Had a near death experience

Unfortunately, that’s also an Oh So Way. In addition to my near suicide back in 2015, I also have a heart conditioned called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome that nearly killed me once. Had a radiofrequency ablation to correct it in 2008 and have been problem-free since then.

Talked to yourself in public

Oh So Way! It’s one of my worst habits truth be told.

Lied about age in order to fit in to the crowd

Oh So Way! Pipe band culture makes you do crazy things. I had developed a taste for Single Malt Scotch way before I was drinking age and so I always said I was 21. Nobody ever questioned it.

Gatecrashed a party

Oh No Way! Do you seriously think I ever get invited to parties?

Sniffed your underwear to see if it’s clean or dirty

Oh No Way! That’s just fucking gross. If in doubt, I will assume dirty.

Not paid a restaurant bill … deliberately

Oh No Way! I have, however, once left a zero tip. Only once, and that’s because the server made a rude remark about my short shorts. She didn’t think I overheard it. I did. Zero tip and a nasty note. I didn’t see here in there ever again after that incident, and I’ve been back there several times.

Woken up in a strange place, oblivious as  to how you got there

Oh No Way! What do you think I am? Stupid?

Worn clothing inside out

Oh So Way! Mostly unintentonal but a couple of intentional uses as well.

Broken a mirror

Oh So Way!  I’m so klutzy. No wonder I have the world’s worst luck!

Believed in a conspiracy theory

Sadly, that’s an Oh So Way. I bought into the whole autism/vaccines conspiracy for the longest time. I don’t know how I ever snapped out of that delusion.

Been involved in a riot

Oh No Way! I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Punched someone

Oh No Way! For one, I don’t like confrontation and I don’t like to fight (see above). For two, I’m thin, weak and frail. I wouldn’t stand a chance against anyone. Why do you think I have a concealed carry license? I want to at least have a fighting chance.

Now you guys know stuff about me you didn’t know before. Are you surprised? Are you up to playing along?

No Sugar Coating-Our Autism


Most people understand autism as extraordinary behaviors but really the behaviors are the RESULTS of barriers and overstimulation for a billion different reasons that are specific to each individual. Today I am sharing something very personal because autism has become debatable, cliche and sometimes even cool, some people even choosing to “identify “as being autistic like it’s a choice. So to all those people I’m here to tell you, this is not a game, this is some serious shit right here. To the lady who uncomfortably stared at my son at a community event yesterday , sucked her teeth , rolled her eyes and shot me a disapproving look for daring to bring my son out JUST to apparently make her life miserable. All you had to do is stand there !! Noah wanted be there, he fought to be there, he spun,stimmed and banged , he was determined to stay…

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