Clock Project Update

It’s been a month and four days, but I finally was notified this morning that my grandfather clock kit has shipped. I imagine they had to mill all the wood parts from scratch (which is fine, better than them being mass produced), then blow the glass and all of that.

I expect the kit to arrive in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’ve procured all the required finishing materials (stain, clear coat, glue), clock mechanism and chime rods.

I should be able to hit the ground running when everything gets in, and for the most time intensive part of the construction I’m going to try to take a few vacation days so I can work right through it. It’ll definitely make the process easier.

Anyway, wish me luck as I embark on this project.

Official Presidential Endorsement

The time has come for me to officially endorse a presidential candidate, and this is one candidate I can really get behind.

I was worried that the LP was going to nominate a “never Trump” Republican in the mold of Austin Petersen or Justin Amash. Alas, some sense shone through the darkness and they actually picked a very strong Libertarian to represent the party. Less government, less spending, more freedom. That’s the candidate I can back.

With that, I am proud to endorse Dr. Joanne “Jo” Jorgensen for President.

Read more here:

Chime Rods vs. Tubular Bell Chimes – Which To Choose?

As I await the rest of my grandfather clock kit to arrive and thus start building, here’s something to think about if you’re considering a grandfather clock: chime rods vs. chime tubes.

Each, of course, has their pluses and minuses as well as a totally different sound.

Chime rods are more common, less expensive and the movements are generally less temperamental. The sound is softer and mellower than that of tubular chimes, and they have a rather unassuming appearance in the clock case.

Tubular chimes, on the other hand, have a striking and impressive appearance in the back of the case. They tend to be more expensive and the movements can be temperamental at times. Tonally speaking they are louder and brighter, more like church bells.

So which to choose? Budget will of course come into play, but another consideration is space. Tubular bell chimes can be way too much for a small space, while chime rods might be too soft or quiet for a very large venue. Of course, no hard and fast rules apply. Personally I just prefer the mellower sound of chime rods, hence I chose rod chimes for my clock.

Sound samples of each:

Which is your preference?

Four Years with WordPress

So I wake up this morning and I have this waiting for me…

It’s been a wild ride for sure. Little did I know this blog would have set in motion a move, finding love, and have over 500 followers? Who knew it would lead to me finally discovering my hidden Celiac disease and thus correcting that? I never expected any of that.

What’s coming up in year 5? Hopefully more regular posting. As I pull away from the dreaded Facebook more and more (and an incident this week where someone reported my poolside picture and it being initially taken down as offensive was kind of a straw that broke the camels back) I will be here more. I’ll also keep you updated on progress with the clock project – so far I’ve only received the movement and chime rods in the mail. Still waiting for other components.

Anyway, here’s to another year!

5/17/2019 – One Year Later…

Yeah I’m a day late writing this post, but that’s ok. Yesterday was way too busy to write a blog post, but I can catch up to speed today.

This is a little unfamiliar territory for me, but for the first time in my 33 years and a little change on this planet, I made it one year in a relationship. All of my previous relationships were very short-lived and dysfunctional, none of them lasting more than 6 months. To make it one year has been a little shocking to say the least. I never thought I’d see the day and I always thought there was nobody for me.

So Laina and I started our day with a visit to our favorite coffee shop then hit the road to Fredericksburg for a wine tasting (glad things are finally starting to open up again!). After a leisurely trip there and back, we stopped by my place briefly to unload and prep for the next stop, which was a couple of rounds of mini-golf at a premiere course just north of downtown. A little fun in the sun later, we retired to my place for some light reading and a special dinner cooked by yours truly – steak medallions, potatoes and salad – a recreation of the first meal I ever cooked for her. This paired with a couple of special bottles of wine (Lost Oak Rose Blanca for her and Pedernales Family Reserve 2016 for me), followed by a jam session, a movie (Angus), and a pour of Fredericksburg peach brandy to cap off the night.

I can’t say as though I’m surprised we’ve made it this long, just something I didn’t see coming. What the future holds I have no idea, but I guess we shall see, won’t we!

Here’s to another year ahead, which I’m excited to see what will bring. Never have I loved someone so deeply before. Maybe my curse has been broken after all (and maybe it just took a totally unconventional relationship to do that – conventional might just not work for me).

As If 2020 Couldn’t Get Any Weirder…

I’m sure my American followers have heard about the recent discovery of the Asian Giant Hornet (which American mainstream media has dubbed the “Murder Hornet”*) in the Pacific Northwest.

Yeah, about those things. I knew about them long before they made the news. My great-grandmother had mentioned them in passing (she grew up in Japan after all, where they are referred to as the oo-suzumebachi – or the “giant sparrow bee”). I don’t recall her ever mentioning anything about being stung by one, but I can’t remember for sure if she had.

Times like this honestly serve to make me miss her more. I’m not really freaked out by the hornets’ presence (save for the threat it could have on honeybees), but rather it makes me wistful for a simpler time.

In the meantime, for a balanced report on these, check out Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson. He was brave enough to voluntarily take a sting from this hornet, and gives his experience here plus some other tidbits.

Stay safe out there!

*Addendum – “Murder Hornet” has to be the most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard. I vastly prefer the Japanese name.