It’s Finally Happening

It feels absolutely surreal, but soon my home will be complete.

I found too good of a deal on a grandfather clock kit to pass up. It has all the appointments I want (Hermle 1171-850 cable driven triple chime movement, Roman numeral dial, decorative banded weight shells and lyre pendulum) at a price tag of just a shade over $2K including shipping.

Of course, there is sweat equity that will be involved. I will have to build it myself, but that makes it more special. As far as cost, I’ll recoup that and more by stopping cigars. I had no idea how much those damn things were costing me!!! This has much more value than that.

Anyway, I’m excited.

Health Journey Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on my health journey, so I figured it was time to do so.

Concerning weight/composition – I’m holding steady at approximately 190 pounds, which is the lowest I’ve been since about 2014. I was actually thin as a rail then (probably too thin), but when Emily (my most recent ex) and I parted ways I packed it on. When I started my new health journey I was around 200 and some change. I’ve lost a lot more fat than 10 pounds though; I can feel it. I’ve added some muscle, especially in my upper arms (long a source of self-conscience for me). For once I have a fairly positive body image. Never did I think I’d be confident enough to sport swim briefs, but here I am (and oh how I wish pools were open right now)!

(Photo credit – Laina Eartharcher)

I’m also currently addressing nutrient deficiencies – most notably B6 and D, but some others also. I’m on heavy B-complex dosage as well as a heavy D dosage. My lack of these vitamins was a major player in depression and flat affect – I wasn’t making any neurotransmitters. My D deficiency was also a key player in my seasonal allergies.

Some other deficiencies are being addressed with food, most notably by having salmon twice per week, usually with kombucha for good bacteria.

A recent lab panel (the Genova Individual Optimal Nutrition, or ION panel) also revealed some significant heavy metal toxicity (most notably mercury, lead, and aluminum). We can’t deal with those directly yet, but hopefully in a couple of years I’ll be put back together enough and ready to undergo chelation. In the meantime, I’ve converted to all stainless steel cookware and axed tuna and other high mercury fish as to cease throwing fuel on that fire.

Concerning lifestyle modifications, I am now 100% smoke-free. I’ve tried having a cigar a time or two recently and my palate just will not accept the taste anymore. I can’t pull the intended flavor notes out of them anymore and all I’m left with is a pure, burning tobacco taste. It’s very unpleasant. I also don’t really enjoy hard liquor anymore either (unless in a cocktail). I tried having some brandy last week and didn’t much enjoy the taste. About the extent of my hard liquor consumption moving forward I think might be in the form of a green apple frozen margarita from Paloma Blanca here in San Antonio (like OMG – to die for!!!), which my last ones were on my birthday before shit got shut down. Other than that, I think I’ll stick to sorghum beer, wine or hard cider.

Which, of course, leads to the next point – we’re working hard to correct the damage done by the time period I drank very heavily as self-medication. I’m on natural remedies to correct excessive intestinal permeability as well as liver damage (which seems to be working – in 2018 my ALT was 64, indicating a liver in extreme distress; my recent ION measured it at 16). Of course, we have to resolve these before I can tackle heavy metal chelation, but in the meantime just dietary changes as well as the Pure Encapsulations LVR (liver support) seem to be promoting some mild detoxification.

I’m having regular chiropractic adjustments now to correct certain misalignments and such. I feel like I’m about 1/2 inch taller now. Oh, and my left knee? It’s given me grief over the years, but since getting it adjusted I’ve been pain-free. I can squat and lunge to full depth on that knee, as well as increase reps and resistance.

Lastly is emotional healing. I’m continuing to have two sessions of Neuro-Emotional Technique per week, and some stuff that’s surfaced is shit I haven’t thought about in years, even decades. It’s absolutely insane. Who knew it was still weighing me down? Alas it’s good to get those emotions cleared out.

I think that about covers it. I hope you all are well, and here’s to better health.

Presidential Election 2020 – My Early Prediction

This is just something for entertainment, but here’s how I see the election panning out. Note I’m not endorsing any candidates or parties here, just saying how I think things will play out.

The DNC seems hellbent on nominating Joe Biden. In doing so, I expect to see the same phenomenon we saw in 2016 with the “never Hillary” Democrats, but with even more gusto as apparently the DNC has not learned from its mistakes. Given this effect, I am already predicting with about 95% confidence that Donald Trump will be re-elected.

As far as how an electoral college map would look, here’s the way I see it. Trump carries every state he carried in 2016. In addition to that, I also predict that Trump will flip 3 other crucial swing states – Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia for a total of 334 electoral votes (assuming all electors vote as pledged).

Concerning the popular vote, it could go either way. Biden might win the popular vote even as Trump flips 3 states, but by a narrower margin, given that the vote in these 3 states was very close last time. Obviously the point of this post is not to debate the merits of the electoral college vs. a national popular vote, but to take an objective-as-possible look at the situation.

So that’s just how I see it. Again, not taking sides here, just trying to be objective. I knew it would be a difficult path for the Democrats in 2020, but I think the nomination of Biden is all but a death sentence.

Official prediction: Donald Trump wins re-election with 334 electoral votes.

How I Kicked (Suspected) COVID-19 in 3.5 Days

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a health professional. The information here shall not be used in lieu of advice from a medical professional.

About a month ago, I had a really strange illness. It wasn’t quite like a cold or flu in that I had no runny nose or anything. My main symptoms were fever, body aches, fatigue and dry cough. Sounds a lot like our friend COVID-19 doesn’t it?

Though I was never tested nor confirmed, I do have strong reason to suspect this was the disease I had. I had visited a regional winery in the recent past; and it was packed with tourists from all over the country (and probably some visiting from abroad).

It would be interesting to be tested for antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus just to see, but I bet I would test positive. Of course I can’t claim with 100% certainty, I’m at least 80% certain.

So was it just awful? Hah. Bitch, please. I felt pretty crummy for 3.5 days, but bounced right back and it was much less bothersome than even a common cold.

So how did I do it? I did so by following this simple protocol:

  • Vitamin C – 20,000mg (yes, twenty thousand)/day
  • 65mg Zinc daily
  • Tincture of astragalus – 5 droppers/day
  • Sambucus elderberry syrup – 120mL/day
  • Diphenhydramine HCl for sleep
  • “Warming” foods (as per Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid sugar
  • Avoid exercising

That’s it. No pharmaceuticals, no nothing and I was back to full capacity quickly.

Moral of the story: take care of yourself, stay home, rest up and you’ll be fine. Really. Don’t buy into the media hysteria.