Neurotypical For A Day

Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s most or all of us on the autism spectrum, but do you ever wonder what it’s like to be neurotypical? If you could choose to experience life as a neurotypical for one day (with the guarantee you could revert to your previous state in 24 hours’ time), would you take that opportunity?

By extension, would you continue to exist as neurotypical if you found it easier/more palatable to do so? Or would you choose to revert to your previous autism-afflicted state despite the difficulties that come with that?

While I’m still on the fence if I would accept a cure should one become available (note: I don’t think one will now nor ever), it would be interesting just to see what it’s like to be “normal” as it were. To be able to flow with the way the world is designed. To be the one catered to instead of ostracized.

I can’t be the only one who wonders.

One thought on “Neurotypical For A Day

  1. Being NT (if quite bizarre) I’ve wanted to spend a day inside Ben’s brain & body. Experiencing the world the way he does. I’d love to gain more understanding!
    Being an Empath only takes me so far…

    It would do everyone good to spend some time with the shoe on the other foot as it were. Life has challenges for us all. More understanding and kindness could only improve things for everyone!😘😎😻💌

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