Some Blog Reflections

It’s been since I’ve moved to San Antonio since I’ve even written anything on here. I’ve been busy settling in, exploring, visiting wineries in the hill country, that kind of thing. I’m also learning American Sign Language via free classes taught by the honors students of a local high school program.

Anyway, I digress. I still feel like I’m out of inspiration for blog posts for now, especially given how the central themes of this blog have seemingly gone by the wayside. I never got much traffic on any of my autism or tattoo themed posts. Most of my traffic has been on my political rants and my most popular post to date is the DIY tutorial on how to cut Daisy/Davy Dukes. Like seriously? I mean it was a fun post but surely there aren’t that many guys especially who have the guts to wear anything besides sissy-ass long shorts.

I’ll definitely keep this blog open. It costs me nothing to leave it here. I’ll check in from time to time, but I’ve got quite a big announcement coming soon. Some of you who have stuck with me the past few months are likely going to know what that is, but I’ll let it brew for now.

One thought on “Some Blog Reflections

  1. I’m glad you’re settling in! It’s got to be like night and day. So many fantastic changes. Good for you, taking ASL classes.

    I’ve been on WordPress about three years and I still have a small blog. I get maybe 20 views each post. I like that it’s small.
    I’m glad you’re not shutting down your blog. I have a feeling you’ll have plenty to write about after the announcement.


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