The San Antonio Chronicles: Move Date Set

Well here it is folks, I now have a move date set!

I’m on vacation this week as I had set aside a full week to devote to dwelling hunting. I figured I’d take the full week in case I did need to shop around a bit for something in my price range and in a good part of town. I was fully expecting it to take some time, and it did – maybe an hour.

After looking at various candidates and creating a “short list,” I went about prioritizing my selections and devised a plan with the help of Laina – we would start with my first choice and work down until I found the right place.

Did I say work down? Hah! Not in this lifetime. There was no working down at all as I scored a great unit at a great price at the property that was my top choice. I was in and out, done, within an hour (pending some minor verification of things, which shouldn’t take long at all).

Well guess what? I will be living in the same complex as Laina, just a few buildings down! Like how cool is that? We’ll be able to see each other pretty much whenever we want with just a short walk. I’ll have someone to pal around with whenever I want, to shoot the shit with, have dinner with, watch IndyCar racing with, you name it! Like could it get any better than that?

So when is this going down? My move in date is tentatively scheduled for October 3rd, so it’s coming up in about a month and a half. When something is the right thing, it just happens to move along rather quickly doesn’t it? This definitely does feel like the right thing too. I’ve never really felt at home anywhere I’ve lived, yet when I come down to San Antonio to visit, it just feels like I’m coming home.

Well, come October 3rd, I will be coming home and staying. I’ve already sniffed out a good little chunk of town too where I can have my entertainment. I’ve found a number of great eateries with ample gluten-free options, a few grocery stores close by, a Friday/Saturday night hangout. Now all I need is a cigar lounge to kick it at (until I open mine) as well as a couple of places to do open mic and/or karaoke at (which Laina swears she will drag me to, come hell or high water!).

Anyway, I’m still glad I took the week off because that means the rest of the week I get to have some fun. We’ll maybe take Phoenix for a road trip somewhere (there’s a stretch of road I’ve been dying to drive her on to really put her through her paces), go explore some hangouts, among other things that are way more fun than looking for a place to live. It’ll be great to “mark my territory” as it were, which is important for a big city as you don’t want to be fighting traffic to traverse the entire city on a daily basis.

While I’ll miss my family and Abilene friends for sure, I know this is the right thing for me and I’ll be in a better place. As such, even when I might be having second thoughts in my mind, I’ll push through. Getting up the nerve to make a big change is the hardest part, then the change itself. Once it’s behind you, it’s done and then things really smooth out after (after all, Laina and I already have a list a mile long of fun stuff to do). Now, I just need the inner strength to follow through.

Wish me luck during this major transitional step, I’m gonna need it.

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  1. Fantastic news!! You’re not gonna need any luck, the idea of change is always scarier than the change itself. Plus, you’ve got the remarkable, amazing Dearest Dude to hug you through any rough patches. I’m very excited for you!

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