The Beginning of a Possible End…

Well, yesterday I visited the vampires to have a tube of blood taken from me – and we will see once and for all if I am in fact reactive to gluten (or maybe even something else). Hoping for the best, but preparing for (and honestly expecting) the worst.

As I sit here nursing down an Old Rasputin Stout, maybe the last one I’ll ever get to have. Sigh. My world might be about to get shaken up in a big way.

I’m so not ready for this.

As a side note: tattoo numbing cream/gel works great for blood draws. To me blood draws are way more painful than tattoos. Ugh.

7 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Possible End…

  1. Does the test give a degree of reactivity like mild, moderate, severe or is it a simple yes or no? If you’re reactive at the mild level you might be able to have some stout or scotch now and then.

    I call phlebotomists vampires too. 😂 Blood draws dont bother me. I got used to them when I was pregnant. Also since I’m blood type O- (universal donor) I used to donate every 8 weeks. They’d call me after 9 weeks😂 I dont think they’d let me donate now. 🤪
    When do you get your results?

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  2. Hey girl! Hehe I run those tests. Nah it’s pretty much all or nothing on the gluten; if you’re reactive to any one part of it (and most people running the test are reactive to more than one, you should see mine lol), then you pretty much can’t do anything gluten. Yes, that goes for whisk(e)y, too, unfortunately. I know, I’m the world’s biggest fun-sucker 😂. But it’s doable, I promise. I’m going on 10 years now (in November) and I’m still alive 😉😂. In fact there’s still stuff I can even eat! 😁👍🏼. And I’ll help our Slytherin friend, which will be easier once he gets his ass on my turf. Man I…yeah. 💗🌺💗

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  3. Fun-sucker🤣 I’d say you’re a fun-blower but that just sounds wrong🙊😘
    I’ve been noticing GF options on a lot more things as I do my zombie shuffle down the market aisle. Pasta is the big one I’ve seen. Pasta would’ve been the most difficult for me. I’m not big on breads and cereals in general. I know gluten is sneaksy and hides in many other things. Its something I may eventually look into. Mostly I need to remember to eat, THEN worry about what I’m eating. Mr Bootyhead is on summer break and thinks 2am is a perfectly reasonable time to start the day. 🤬🤪🤯 I’m getting maybe 3 hours if coma-sleep a night😴🤤😵 8/26 cannot arrive soon enough. That’s the day the glorious little yellow school bus returns🎉💃👏😍💌


  4. I sympathize with you on blood draws – they are invariably painful (and in my case because my veins have taken such a battering over the last few months due to my illness it is pretty much a given that more than one attempt will be required before a usable vein can be located). I hope you get news you can act on.


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