The Epilogue…

So today I went and purchased VW’s fuel system cleaner. Talked to the parts director and apparently I wasn’t doing poor Phoenix any favors either.

When I went to buy the fuel additive today, the parts specialist asked me what kind of fuel I was running (note: I run exclusively Chevron or Texaco fuel with Techron as it gets the best mileage in any car I’ve ever had). I told him that and it was good, but what he asked me next took me aback – “what grade of gasoline?”

Having never owned any VW car before, I didn’t know some of their cars call for premium fuel. I guess it makes sense with all that German engineerng and performance under the hood. The Jetta GLI is one such model (which is different from the regular Jetta by the way – it’s got a slightly longer wheelbase, higher performance brakes, an extra forward gear and a beefier, turbocharged engine). I looked it up in the owners manual just to make sure he wasn’t blowing smoke, and it said to check inside the fuel door for the correct grade to run in your car.

Guess what? He was right!!!


Well that sucks. I had no idea Phoenix needed premium fuel to perform at her best. This could explain some of the residual running issues I’ve had even after having new coils installed. I’ll of course run the fuel cleaner through it with the next tank of gas, and switch to premium fuel even though that’s going to add quite a bit of additional cost to my fuel bill. Of course, I doubt the previous owner heeded this recommendation either.

It’s actually probably a good thing I didn’t know about this at the outset because it might have been a dealbreaker for me. I’d have passed up on an amazing car at an insane price. Alas, now I know and I’ll be sure to give her the fuel she needs, even if that means increased cost.

I just feel kinda bad now. Oh well, live and learn I guess. We’ll just go from here I suppose.

2 thoughts on “The Epilogue…

  1. Sorry dude, I thought you already knew high performance cars need higher grade gas or I would have mentioned it.
    Once she’s all cleaned out you can probably run a tank of cheaper high grade every third or fourth fill up. Save a little bit of money that way.
    I remember one road trip with the family going through Texas we found 85 octane gas and it was so cheap. (87 is the lowest here) the Dodge Caravan knocked and pinged until we got to another gas station and put higher octane in. Didn’t really save by getting lower octane.😂


  2. I love that you named your car Phoenix. The symbolism of a phoenix rising from the ashes is so powerful, and your Phoenix will rise from the setback of unintentionally being fueled with the wrong grade of gas. She will prevail!

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