“Privacy Violation?”

All I have to say to this “Sal P.” guy/girl (so-called “community guardian”) who contacted me regarding screenshots taken of my detective work to identify the thorn in my side: Are you fucking kidding me?

You should be protecting ME from cyberstalkers. What the fuck else was I supposed to do? Just sit there and take his typographical abuse? What a fucking joke!

I have, however, in compliance with your request, deleted those screenshots as the threat has seemingly passed. I will say though that I am disappointed in the leadership and “community guardians” of this site for not protecting me in light of a legitimate threat.

My detective work is done anyway and said thorn in my side knows I know who he is and knows I will take action if he contines to harass me, so that’s the main thing. Whatever. I swear that’s the same bullshit that Facebook pulls with their so-called “community standards” which are inconsistently and abritrarily enforced.

Please don’t let this blogging site go the way of Facebook. Please.