My Love Affair With Pickles

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been a sucker for all kinds of pickles – bread and butter, dill, fire and ice, hot/spicy, you name it. For those of us who are pickle lovers there’s just nothing that satisfies quite like the tangy, refreshing bite of a pickle.

Anyway, on the way into the office this morning I stopped by the Chevron station just before the office to grab my pickle as I always do – a Van Holten’s Hot Mama. The cashier who doesn’t ever remember my name but just knows me as “the pickle guy” joked with me and said “I think you single handedly buy our entire stock!” Of course I laughed about it but it’s probably true.

Anyway, that reminded me of my childhood. Part of my bedtime routine as a kid was to have a pickle before bed. Every night was the same. There was just something so comforting about the ritual. Of course, I didn’t know the inner workings behind it at the time (as I was not diagnosed as autistic until the age of 14) but all I knew is bedtime didn’t seem complete without my pickle.

Anyway, there was an evil side to it. My dad didn’t find it amusing at all. He thought I had formed a bad habit (said he who to this day smokes two packs of cigarettes per day) and officially banned me from it. Luckily my great-grandmother (rest her soul) saw how uneasy it made me and how I just didn’t sleep well when I was denied my pickle so she started going behind his back to honor my ritual. I sort of “outgrew” this before I was diagnosed (thank goodness – if I hadn’t, given that she passed away before I received a diagnosis I wouldn’t have slept a wink thereafter).

Anyway, I don’t exactly have a pickle every night at this point (and being a busy adult in corporate America half the time I’m up answering emails at 10:00 PM or later because being a slave in corporate America your job never stops) but I still try to have a bedtime ritual of sorts when I can. I don’t always get it and the days I don’t have time for it I sleep like shit but what can you do?

Anyway, I have to wonder – do you have a bedtime routine? Did you as a kid and/or do you still? I’m truly curious. Let me know.


3 thoughts on “My Love Affair With Pickles

  1. When I was little, I had to make sure all my stuffed animals were safely arranged around me.

    Now, I take my meds and either read or listen to an audiobook (something I’ve previously read) and wait for the “munchies” to kick in. For some reason Restoril gives me the munchies. I have a jar full of chocolates next to my bed. Sometimes the meds kick in mid-chew and I wake up with brown drool on my face and pillow. A beautiful sight 😂😂


  2. Sounds familiar. I had a thing for a drink of water from a sports bottle, then I guess my teddy bear was with me for longer than he was comfortable with, then after the big move I got a cat that I would insist on coming to bed with me. It’s funny because as an adult, I’ve become not at all a cat person. I like pickles, but olives are my thing. Especially the big Spanish olives stuffed with garlic or jalapeño. It’s about my only impulse shopping weakness in the whole grocery store aside from a sixer of Pelican Beak Breaker or Ninkasi Total Dom!


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