When Trolls Up Their Game…

I cannot for the life of me wonder why the actual fuck anyone would follow a blog that he or she does not like. Look, there are blogs I don’t like. Do I go on those blogs just to cause trouble? No way. I’ve got more productive shit to do with my time than to troll the fuck out of a blog that does not interest me or which has content that I find distasteful.

As a hardcore libertarian I am all about freedom of speech. I will defend your right to speak your mind, whether or not I agree with you. I will give you your space. That’s fine. Alas, when you intrude on my space is when the boundary gets crossed.

Look, I have occasional disagreements with even my best friends. That’s part of life. No two people are going to agree 100% on something. That’s fine. We have our say and move on. Alas, when some random asshole apparently does nothing but disagree with me, yet continues to follow and comment my blog, well let’s just say said asshole apparently has way too damn much time on his hands.

Whatever. I’ve had it. I’ve tried to put in safeguards. Blacklisting, locking comments to registered users. The next thing would be to privatize my blog but given that I have a lot of good info for passers by I really do not want to have to do that. I also don’t want to shut comments off entirely.

However, I do have another trick up my sleeve. Apparently Comcast has an abuse hotline (thanks Laina for showing me!). Surely this person’s behavior is a violation of their abuse policy. I will be writing them an email and if I don’t get a timely response then I will give them a call. They need to be made aware of the situation.

Armed with this person’s IP address and comment log, it’s time to go after the very root of the problem. This person is making my blogging life miserable.

Seriously dude, get a fucking life. Go out and start your own blog, something. If your hobby is tormenting bloggers, that’s pretty sorry. I can’t imagine what kind of life you must live if that’s how you spend your downtime.

Off to compose my email.

One thought on “When Trolls Up Their Game…

  1. Dang! As irritating as it is, it’s almost a compliment. This person is apparently spending a lot of time thinking about you and reading and commenting. Of course, that’s also creepy stalker behavior so, yeah… Not cool.


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