Product Review: NEAT Ultimate Spirits Glass


Lovers of fine spirits will tell you that not all glassware is created equally. The proper glass can go a long way to enhancing the enjoyment of any spirit, be it whisk(e)y, rum, vodka, tequila or what have you. Likewise, the wrong glass can really break the experience. Who’d have thought that something so simple as a glass could make as much difference as it does?

There are many glasses to choose from now, from drinking straight out of the shot glass to snifters and everything in between. As of recent years, this glass has taken the world by storm it seems, and for good reason.

Part of my holiday gift from my parents this year was a set of NEAT Ultimate Spirits Glasses. NEAT (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology) claims to have used science and engineering to develop a better glass – one that wafts the searing alcohol burn away from the nose as to allow for more of the true aromas to come through, and of course aroma in turn gives way to flavor as well. Pure ethanol burn can numb the sinuses, thus you don’t get the full array of aromas if you get too much of it.

Serving spirits in the NEAT glass is very simple – just pour to the widest point of the glass for your standard 1.5 ounce pour. This makes precise measurements easy. From there, do as you would any other spirits glass to get the aroma – swirl and inhale deeply through the nose.

Being the skeptic I am when I first saw it I thought it couldn’t make that much difference. Alas, I was quickly proven wrong when I took the first whiff of a familiar Scotch. I knew how it smelled and tasted out of a normal glass so that was a good one to use as my baseline. Taking a deep inhale I noticed very little alcohol burn at all (even with the near 120 proof), while being able to take in more of the true aroma. Hey, you mean this actually works? I’m in shock!

The shape of the glass means you’re not going to get too big of a sip at a time. It almost seems metered in that way too. Get just the right amount to swirl around on the tongue and taste all the flavors before taking the swallow. Maybe the hype is justified after all?

Best of all, these glasses are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. You just can’t beat that.

Whatever the case, it does seem that this glass delivers on its claims. After drinking my fine cask strength single malts out of this glass I can’t imagine going back. This will become my new go-to glass for fine spirits and I highly recommend trying them for yourself. Once you try, you’ll never go back.