Hurry Up, 2019!

The holidays are coming to a close and 2019 is on the way which will bring some significant changes to my life starting pretty quickly. I think these changes will help improve my quality of life overall and they will be a welcome change from the drudgery that was most of 2018.

First of all, my boss is going to let me work from home on a most-time basis. I can really do my job anywhere. I could be on Mars and still get the same results (as long as I had some sort of internet connection anyway). Being in the comfort of my own home will no doubt bring about less stress, free of office drama and I can work at my own pace. No more sititng around the office twirling a fidget spinner for hours on end on slow days and/or being limited by normal working hours on busy days. Of course I’ll have to check in at the office a couple of times per week to get updated on any crane moves or whatever. This 120 mile round trip commute 5 days a week, taking it down to just 1-2? I’m all for that. I always figured working from home would be the best fit for anyone on the autism spectrum for those reasons and more.

Working from home also frees me up to resume my funeral bagpipe services. I’m usually in and out in a hour tops so that would not take too much of my time. It’ll also free me up on slow days to focus on my writing project, which I eluded to in a previous post. When the weather gets better, this also puts me in a prime position to start building my dream grandfather clock. No matter how you turn it, this will no doubt increase my quality of life.

As far as other projects, I’ve got some ideas in addition to writing and bagpipe but we shall see if they pan out. I know you’re all still waiting on pics from my photoshoot that happened about a month ago and rest assured, as soon as I get them I’ll be posting. Alas, that’s almost a gateway – my friends who did the shoot swear I should think about doing some modeling on the side. Not many men have the guts to rock patterned leggings (sad, they’re so fun!) and there are still some parts of the world where men’s short shorts have a cult following so maybe I could look at modeling stuff like that too? I imagine it’s a niche market but if I’ve got the nerve to do it then it might be a way to make some extra cash.

Of course, 2019 will also bring on some more ink. You know I can’t go more than a few months without adding to my ink collection. As new ink drops, you’ll be sure to know that too.

Anyway, 2018 had its highlights and low points but I can say it was overall better than my 2017, so I’ll call 2018 an overall success. Hopefully this up-tick will continue because I’m ready to get back to life as I knew it going back to my college and grad school days. It seems once I closed that chapter I went into a downward spiral that lasted for years and 2018 was almost a return to normalcy. Maybe 2019 will be.

Only time will tell I guess.

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