And A Happy Ending for My MacBook Pro…

Well turns out my MacBook Pro wasn’t dead at all.

I was able to boot it into recovery mode and wipe the hard drive in preparation to send it off for recycling but my BIL wanted to try to revive it. No problem, can’t hurt right?

After unsuccessfully attempting to install macOS, I got the idea to try converting it to a Mint machine. I still have the bootable flash drive after all.

Well guess what? IT WORKED!!!!

Breathed new life into what I thought was a dead computer. Now the sister and BIL have a working computer they can use as they need. They have a newly refurbished what I’m going to refer to as a “Mintintosh” or “MintBook Pro” – either one works right? A friend also suggested “AppleMint” – that one is also good.

Talk about the ultimate “fuck you” to Apple! I am feeling so evil yet so accomplished right now. Muhahahahaha!!!!!

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