Linux Mint Update

So this is Day 2 of me being live on Linux Mint and let me just say I am already in love!

The operating system is so fast, so smooth and so intutitive that it’s like falling in love with computers all over again. I’ve got everything working now except for my webcam but as I rarely use that anyway I am not too worried about that honestly.

As far as theming, I’m already feeling much more at home as I essentially themed my mint to look like macOS with the background image I used on that and setting up my “quick launch” buttons on the bottom taskbar to mimic the dock – albeit much smaller and much less obtrusive than the macOS dock:


As far as the features, man I am in love. This thing runs 3D Lift Plan (the web-based software I use for day-to-day lift plans) faster than my work computer that has twice the RAM (this is a 16 GB machine; my Dell work computer running Windows 10 Pro has 32 GB)! How can I ask for more than that? Of course, I also get the stability and security that I loved in macOS with this as it’s built on the same UNIX kernel.

Can’t you tell I’m just totally in love? I hope you can. In my opinion the various distros of Linux are the the future of computing. The freedom, functionality and stability of the UNIX kernel as well as being able to choose the “flavor” of Linux that best suits your needs and fancies just makes it the ideal platform in a lot of respects.

Anyway, time to get back to just enjoying this.

5 thoughts on “Linux Mint Update

    • Absolutely love it. I don’t even miss macOS, and I’ve been a Mac user for almost 15 years. I don’t like Windows at all so I’m glad to know there are other alternatives than Apple’s pricy products (that have gotten more expensive and the quality has tanked!).

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  1. I have been running the various versions of Linux Mint for over 2 years now, and this Operating System is million of a percent better than anything Windows has ever made in Operating Systems. If you are still running anything Windows, may I ask you why? those are the shitty operating systems forced on you, and you do not need to keep using Windows. I have been on the Windows Twitter feed and told them how shitty their Operating Systems, their response, was “how may help you”, WTF was that?

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  2. I switched out of desperation, really, after “Windows rot” left me with no alternative but to either upgrade the OS (and pay big bucks) or upgrade the hardware (and pay big bucks). So I looked at Macs and the price had me very discouraged. I found Linux on Google just looking for how to get my trusty old – but perfectly good – computer going again. A “lighter weight” version of Linux Mint (Xfce desktop) helped me make a joyful start, and Linux has kept that old computer out of the landfill for years now!

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