First Post From Mint!

Hi All!

I am back in business. I now have Linux Mint 19 Codename Tara Version Cinnamon installed on my new HP Laptop. Everything is running completely smoothly now (including the WiFi – it was just a matter of finding the correct source code to install the proper driver for the AMD Ryzen chipset).

I can already tell this is going to be an excellent change. The OS is so fast, so responsive and so simple I feel like I’ve been taken back 20 years in time! I’m only 31 but I appreciate beauty in simplicity and function when I see it. This definitely delivers that.

Anyway, I need to get back to work but I figured you all would be interested to know that. All is well.

2 thoughts on “First Post From Mint!

  1. When the upgrade to Windows 10 went sideways in rather spectacular fashion for me, I reformatted my hard drive (which Windows 10 clained was irreparably broken) and went to Ubuntu. Mint is based on Ubuntu and much better looking, and both are an upgrade from Windows.

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    • Oh don’t even get me started on Windows 10. Puke!!!

      I am convinced that the various Linux distros are the way of the future. After some setup I think this even blows macOS out of the water.


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