Product Review: Colibri V Cigar Cutter

So I’ve been on the fence about adding a V cutter to my arsenal of cigar cutters to round out my collection – I now have one of each type of cutter (straight, punch [built into my lighter] and now a V). However, not all V cutters are created equal and most of the ones I had tried previous only made a very shallow cut, often resulting in a restricted draw.

After doing some research I chose this one because according to all my research this one makes the deepest cut (and therefore producing the most open draw, which I prefer). It’s available in many different color combinations to suit your own decor.

It is spring loaded and opened up by the button on the bottom, as shown here:

From there operation is very simple – just stick the cigar in it and close the cutter. It locks shut after cutting and captures the notch until you are ready to discard it properly. No mess as with an open backed straight cutter.

That’s all fine and good, but how does it cut? I used this Padron 3000 Maduro as my test cigar as Padrons are always my litmus test for a cutter. As much as I love Padron cigars the stupid single caps they put on those things drive me crazy – they’re so fragile and a crude cutter will unravel them every time.

As you can see here, though I didn’t get the cut perfectly center (that will come with practice I imagine) it sliced through cleanly and no unraveling whatsoever:

The cutting action was effortless and it was like there was nothing there when I clamped down on the cutter. The draw? Let’s just say excellent – I noticed no difference from a straight cut. The deep notch creates an opening with a surface area comparable to a straight cut.

Now, is this going to replace my Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter (my straight cutter of choice)? No. That will always have its place. I can already see how I’ll use each one though. There will never be a substitute for a straight cut on figurado tips, Lancero and other small ring sizes and even big ring sizes. Where I’ll be using this cutter most is on single capped cigars (such as the above Padron) to keep as much of the cap intact as possible while still allowing an open draw as well as on box pressed cigars (which can sometimes get crimped on the edges from a straight cut). I will also use this on those cigars that seem to have a bit of a knot toward the cap in order to try to cut through it to free up the draw.

In my opinion, this is a must for every cigar lover. You should have one of these in your arsenal. It’s a bit pricy (at $39 from it is no doubt the most expensive cutter I have now, but the quality, fit/finish and clean cut make it worth every penny. Do yourself a favor and get one of these. Rating: 5/5.


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