RIP Computer…

Well there it went. After four years of reliable service, my MacBook Pro has died. I tried all possible fixes, from repairing the disks, resetting the NVRAM and above all else reinstalling the OS. Nothing brought it back.

As such, blogging will probably be sparse until I can find a replacement. I don’t know which direction I’m going, but I have decided that after an almost 13 year marriage I am officially divorcing Apple. Ever since Steve Jobs died that company has gone to hell in a hand basket.

As for my next move, I am looking at Linux computers as I still can’t stand Windows. If any of my fellow geeks have any suggestions please point me in the right direction, and preferably not one with the same inflated Apple price tag. All the ones I’ve found are equally expensive.

Excuse me while I go cry.

3 thoughts on “RIP Computer…

  1. I have an HP running Mint. It was a free laptop to me out of a round of upgrades back in 2014. I could probably do a lot more with it if I wrap my head around shells, but as it is I have a small windows vm on it and that mostly meets my needs. Still rocking it better than the windows 10 desktop after installing like 1 program.


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