Square Peg, round hole….

Some food for thought here.

A Different Neurotribe

No matter how hard you try square pegs don’t fit in round holes.

Why is that simple fact so hard for the wider world to grasp?

Yes with tools you could round the edges of a square peg. You could take away the edges that don’t suit the round hole, or you could try forcing the peg with a hammer, problem solved?


You are forcing that square peg to be something it’s not, you are causing damage.

Why not accept the square peg and make a square hole?

Right now I feel this is the story of my life.  It is the story of my children’s lives, it is the story of the lives of many, many families living with Autism.  I am exhausted.  My daughter is too.

We live in modern times where huge themes and values are equality, diversity and inclusion.  They are for the majority of…

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