And Now for Some More Awesome “Meggings”

Well this story just got more interesting!

As a quick follow-up to my previous post in which I went total space cadet, Benjamin (one of the founders of Kapow) left me a comment offering me my own personal coupon code to try some of their stuff. Am I going to say no to that? No way. Some people might consider it pushy, and to be honest I thought it was a total joke (like really?) but I punched it in their website and it took! I was shocked.

OK, well, if you’re going to do this I’m gonna look like a bit of an ass if I don’t take advantage of it, plus there was a particular pair on their site I was dying to try, so I got it and one other pair to mix up what I already had. Here’s what I made out with:

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 5.53.01 AM

Note that for security purposes I blanked out the code because I don’t want anyone who it was not intended for to use it (unless, of course, the company does give me permission to offer it to my followers – I’m trying not to step on any toes here). Anyway, the electroshock is just plain cool and The Highlanders? Well, let’s just say those will be perfect for those cold weather bagpipe gigs as they match my kilt, not to mention they’re just plain awesome.

Who ever knew I would actually get paid to blog? Well, this isn’t exactly getting paid, but the savings are like I was anyway right? Thanks Benjamin! I really do appreciate it.

So what say my readers? Think I’ve got a good line-up now?

2 thoughts on “And Now for Some More Awesome “Meggings”

  1. Great follow-up Lynn! Man, I can’t wait for you to try the new meggings on, would love to know what you think – super rad that you rock a kilt and play the bagpipes, love it. If any of your followers are interested they can use the code INKEDAUTIST20 for 20% off any order. Cheers bud!

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