In Which I Go TOTAL Space Cadet…

With fall arriving soon, of course the temperatures start to cool off. Well, relatively speaking anyway – it’s still topping out around 85F/29C here in West Texas, so still plenty warm to rock my ever-infamous and oh-so passe “Davy” Dukes (check out my “how-to” guide if my fellow dudes ever get the inclination to experiment with something other than those ridiculous cargo “shorts”) completely bare-legged (as in my profile picture). Of course, there are plenty of warm-ish days even in the depths of winter here that I can still shout and let it all out, but there are those days where even hot-blooded me can’t take it.

Alas, I’m sick and tired of being plain and boring. If it is one part of my appearance I do take pride in it’s my legs – I consider them my best physical feature. Maybe a little odd for a guy to claim that, but whatever. That and I just love the feeling of having “nothing” on them – it’s probably a sensory processing thing related to my autism.

So to try something totally new out, last April when I went to NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway (in which it was absolutely frigid – unseasonably cold) I decided to try leggings underneath my signature DD’s. Nothing outrageous just to try it out – just cheap, plain, black leggings. I absolutely LOVED it. I was warm but still had a degree of freedom that you just can’t get with jeans or other long pants.

So this winter I’m gonna step it up a notch. Let’s face it -plain black is boring. With all the fun patterns of leggings, why not just go all out? Alas, finding some leggings that were so me was a challenge, and without breaking the bank. Not to mention, not many companies actually make men’s leggings, but two companies are notable for it – Kapow (which exclusively does men’s leggings) and Lotus (which does both). Alas, neither company is cheap by any stretch of the imagination, so I was waiting for a coupon code or something to pounce, and Lotus is offering a code “1HOUR” right now, applicable to both men’s and women’s styles so I decided to jump over it.

And I went total space cadet!


I’ve always loved space-themed stuff so I figured these would be right up my alley. As for size I’m going into it blind but I just kind of guessed based on their size charts. I’m somewhere between a 34 and 36 so if I split the difference that should work, but if not I can always exchange for the next size up if need be (I highly doubt I’ll need to exchange for a size down). Further, being men’s leggings specifically (note the male models!) they should be a bit roomier in the places where they need to be so I think I should be just fine.

As an extra nice little touch, the company actually took the time to give my little thank-you note a “thumbs up” on the old FB:

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 7.56.28 PM

Of course, I’ll report back when I actually receive them and try them, but for now, let’s just say I’m excited to try something totally new. You only live once, and life is mostly misery punctuated by short bouts of fun, so might as well do something wild and crazy when you can right?

Yeah, I’m a total space cadet, hence these leggings I think are a perfect match for my soul.

Would any of my fellow guy bloggers ever rock leggings? If you have, what did you think? 

3 thoughts on “In Which I Go TOTAL Space Cadet…

  1. What’s up Lynn! You’ve got a great blog amigo, love that you’re getting into meggings – although I’m one of the founders of Kapow Meggings so I’m a liiiiittle bit biased haha! Hope you enjoy the ones you ordered – you feel like a different man once you wear meggs (no matter where you get them from!). If you ever feel like rocking some different styles, feel free to swing past our site– you can use the discount code —- to get 30% off any order. We also do free shipping, and free returns / exchanges if you change your mind. ROCK ON!

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