Song Lyric Sunday 8/26/18 – Live Life (Redux)

In probably the most vague Song Lyric Sunday theme I can recall in my time participating in this weekly challenge, we get the curveball “plan.” Like what the hell am I supposed to make of that? A personal plan, plans in general, what?

So, as embarrassed as I am to do this, the only two songs that came to mind for me were songs I’d shared previously. One of them was “Break It Down Again” by you-know-who (which contains the lyric “so those are my dreams, and these are my plans…”) and this one. Alas, the last time I shared this song it was when I had first started participating in this challenge and it got next to no views, so that’s what swayed me this way.

I first heard this song on season 23 (fall 2016) of Dancing With The Stars when IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe and his pro partner Sharna Burgess did their premiere night foxtrot to this song. I think this song actually is, in general, a good plan to live by regardless of who you are.

With that, I share for the 2nd time on SLS the song “Live Life” by Zayde Wolf (written by Dustin Burnett). The songs are in the video so I’ll not transcribe them here.

As a little bonus feature, here’s the aforementioned dance:

Until next week!


7 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday 8/26/18 – Live Life (Redux)

  1. I remember when you posted this, but I actually didn’t remember the song. I just downloaded it on my phone! It is a fantastic song, and the lyrics are phenomenal. For all the re-posts so far, they’ve all been amazing, so thanks for doing it! 🙂


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