No Revolution, Maybe Someone Somewhere Else…

…could show you something new about you and your inner song.

Hmm, I forget who it was that said that. Oh, that’s right, it was the great British philosopher Roland Orzabal! Silly me!

Philosopher, yeah, we’ll go with that…

Anyway, I digress. First things first, glaringly obvious mega fail on my part: I totally forgot Song Lyric Sunday this week. I’m so sorry. I didn’t have hardly any time to think and there wasn’t a glaringly obvious choice for the prompt for me so I’ll just make up for it next week.

Anyway, back to the glaringly obvious song lyric reference in the title of this post (for those who didn’t get it – “Break It Down Again” by TFF). This weekend it really became prophetic. So prophetic in fact, that it’s a direct contrast to an almost complete opposite post I wrote a year ago (which had the preceding lyric in the title – “It’s in the way you’re always hiding from the light”).

So I dropped into my favorite local watering hole last night for some wine and pizza as I always do, and caught up with bartender friend. Well one of her other friends was there in the seat next to me and she introduces us and one of the first things “Friend B” says to me is “I *LOVE* Tears for Fears” (note: I was wearing my concert shirt last night).

So what started off as a conversation about TFF morphed into a general music conversation which then gave way to just general life conversation. I got two certain vibes from her almost straight away but we eventually got around to those topics and I was right – 1) she’s on the autism spectrum and 2) she’s lesbian. We both shared with each other the challenges we’d faced over the years and it led to me pouring my soul out to her. We talked about my tattoos, how and why I got my first tattoo, you name it.

Very rarely do I pour my soul out to someone I just met like that, but she just gave me that vibe and I knew it was going to be the start of something great when we talked each others’ ears off for almost three hours and instead of going our own ways and having tons of leftovers we split a pizza and a dessert. She then asked me if we could be friends, to which I agreed. I looked myself up on FB from her phone and just like that we were FB friends. As I said my teary-eyed “till we meet again” in a long, tight hug, I was hoping I’d see her again soon but I had no idea how soon at the end of the night.

Fast-forward to this morning. Bartender friend and I already had plans to go to lunch and a movie today and Friend B texted bartender friend and wanted to do the same. So what do we do? We go as a trio, of course! I was so excited she wanted to tag along.

So on a nice, serene, rainy Sunday (how appropriate, what comes next after all? – “And all the love, and all the love in the world won’t stop the rain from falling…”) we all set out for Thai food for lunch at a little hole in the wall Thai restaurant, which is always amazing AND hot/spicy!!! Of course, that was just the start of the day. To kill some time between lunch and the screening of the movie we chose to go see, I ran the crew up to the old Episcopal church I used to do change ringing at and showed them the building and gave them a bit of an “education” as it were about the various parts of the building, all while still sitting under a kiss of light rain.

Not wanting to overstay our welcome, and owing to a bathroom emergency, we retired to Friend B’s house just a couple of blocks away. Though I got lost on the way (damn stoplights!!!) I eventually found my way there as Friend B showed us the house, I played a few tunes on her guitar (couldn’t help it!) and we all sat down for a glass of wine and a toast to new friends.

We toasted entirely too long as we all loaded up into Friend B’s car (and I left my car at the house) and headed to the theater hoping we’d be just in time for the start of the movie but done with all the bullshit previews. No such luck, but we only missed about 5 minutes. Our movie choice was The Spy Who Dumped Me, and it was by and large stupid but it was at least hilarious and the fight scenes were very well executed, and the cameo by (a fake, obviously) Edward Snowden just make it that much more epic. The three of us hadn’t laughed so hard in forever. It was so great.

The trek back to Friend B’s house wound up being the scenic route so plenty of fun conversation was had, including a rather long discussion of the soon-to-be-felt after effects of the Thai food we all ate for lunch. You chili heads know what I refer to – the dreaded “firerrhea” of course (let’s just break it down and bring the chorus full circle – “…waste seeping underground”). When you can talk about having lava shits with your friends, you know you’re both awkward, weird and super tight all rolled into one!

The day came to an end as we arrived back at Friend B’s house and bartender friend and I gave our teary-eyed, arm-locked goodbyes to Friend B and I chauffeured bartender friend back to her house where we did the same. Needless to say I didn’t want the day to end but it had to.

Wow. I’m just at a loss for words. I really, really needed this. Going through some personal life bullshit and work isn’t exactly going smoothly right now so meeting someone that I have so much in common with was just amazing. It’s the start of another great friendship for me. What a weekend.

Alas, back to “real life” tomorrow. Don’t make me…


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