Facebook Jail…

Well they say Facebook can be quite a bad thing at times and I just got the short end of that stick.

Got into it with someone over the merits of existence and/or the right to die on the Libertarian Party’s page and I guess it was determined that I was actively promoting suicide/euthanasia (note: I was not, I was merely defending the right of people to carry the action out) so I got slapped with a 24 hour ban. Go figure right?

Oh well. There are worse things in life. If you are my friend on FB and have tried to message me in the past several hours just know I’m not ignoring you. I can’t reply until I’m out of jail apparently (which is stupid – I can understand restricting posting but not messenger).

4 thoughts on “Facebook Jail…

  1. WTF? It sucks how FB thinks it gets to be the tone police, promoting some establishment-minded code for everyone, and censoring those who don’t follow their kumbaya crap 🙄 I’m sorry you got banned. At least it’s only 24 hours but still. Their attempt to send you a “message’ is both unnecessary and lame. Hell, even Canada, socialist (far away from libertarian) and full of Catholic Scots-Irish, has given the green light to human euthanasia in certain circumstances. The US would do well to take their example and follow it 👍🏼

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    • Well we shall see. I can see where telling someone that he/she should kill him/herself is a no-no. However I never suggested that to anyone. I only defended the right to carry the action out. Big difference.

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      • Exactly 👏🏼👏🏼. I know you wouldn’t suggest that 💜 Which is precisely why Facebook’s action is completely draconian and uncalled for. You were simply expressing an opinion, not making a suggestion. Basic freedom of speech here, and yours was suppressed. I know FB is a non-governmental entity and thus they can make their own rules, but still, it’s not like their standards are high and it’s also not like they haven’t told us to share every minute aspect of our lives and thoughts. Like I said, you were merely stating what you thought about the concept and its acceptability, not insinuating that anyone should actually carry it out. You didn’t tread into murky waters; we’re just too close to a theocracy is all 🌷🌷


  2. 24 hour ban on Facebook? That’s laughable. I wouldn’t even care.
    They want to choose your opinions for you. That’s why their app is spyware and they’re under pressure from the US government.

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