The Boss Gets His First Tattoo…

My boss is actually a pretty cool guy. He’s definitely on the oldish-side (60+) but despite being a gruff crane operator turned branch manager, he’s actually laid back and funny, but I will say what dates him in this particular industry is his lack of body art – he’s an entirely blank canvas.

Well, he was until he came back from vacation. He spent last week in Minnesota with his daughters and I guess his daughters all have ink because they lured him into a tattoo parlor and I guess twisted his arm into getting a tattoo, because when he came back from vacation he had a small arrow tattoo on his forearm somewhat akin to this:

Needless to say I was rather shocked. He was talking about it and his experience in the parlor, and I could tell he had never before even gone into one before this all went down. “You can see the wires going into the machine” and apparently the artist had to explain to him that he was about to create an open wound. Oh boy, it’s always entertaining the older crowd trying to do the hip thing.

Anyway, I just found it interesting that after all this time he finally decided to take the plunge, but I also post this as a bit of encouragement to those older folks who might be considering a tattoo – you’re never too old to take the plunge. If it’s something you feel strongly about go for it. You’ll be glad you did, and it might just start your new obsession. 😉



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