Selfie Day 2018 – Work “Uniform”

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not much of one for selfies but I had this one about a week old mirror selfie (hey that counts right?) to show someone just how chill my (relatively) new work place is.

Let’s face it, I live in Texas where it gets insanely hot during the summer. Long stretches in the 100s F/40s C are not uncommon. When people question my love of short shorts, I can’t help but just point out how hot it gets.

As such, I guess I’m kinda lucky I have such a chill office environment. When I can get away with going to work dressed like this – in our company logo polo shirts (which are very lightweight material) and my “Davy” Dukes…

…I can’t complain too much now can I? Half professional, half stay cool in he summer. I’ll take it, especially with my sensory processing issues that cause me to just fry even in moderate temperatures. I swear it is an autistic oddity but oh well.

Happy selfie day everyone. Just don’t take it too seriously and have fun. 😉

6 thoughts on “Selfie Day 2018 – Work “Uniform”

    • Keep in mind I’m an engineer and rarely deal with the outside world. I usually lock myself in my office and do my thing.

      Now when I have to go do a job walk or deal with customers I will dress a little more professionally but for my day to day job it doesn’t matter much.


  1. Is it selfie day? I hate taking selfies. Mostly, I have a bunch that my younger daughter took of both of us. She’s known as ‘paparazzi’ because she’s ALWAYS taking pictures. Of everything.


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