Product Review: Maximum Strength Sting-Kill Capsules


Living out in the country has its hazards, and one of those hazards is insect stings. Bees, yellow jackets, paper wasps and bumblebees are almost constantly buzzing around in my back yard. Usually they’re keen to just leave you alone but every now and then you do draw the ire of one of those buggers and she’ll give you a good sting. It happens.

I first heard of this product on Brave Wilderness, the YouTube channel hosted by Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson. Coyote has taken some rather intense stings over the years, from velvet ants, tarantula hawks, warrior wasps, bullet ants and soon the so-called executioner wasp. Whatever the case, this benzocaine and menthol based gel is in his arsenal for all the crazy stings he subjects himself to.

This was an impulse grab at the pharmacy this past Thursday, after hearing Coyote rave about it. Little did I know I’d have the opportunity to try it out the very same night!

So I was smoking my evening cigar minding my own business when out of the blue a rather irritable paper wasp decides to tag me on the back of the hand. I wasn’t doing anything to that little thing; it just came out of the blue and got me, the sorry bitch! Oh well, as I said, risks of country life.

So I got a vial of the sting kill and followed the instructions. Application was quick and easy and immediately had a refreshing cooling effect on my skin. About 30 seconds later the benzocaine took effect and completely eliminated the burning sensation from the venom. I was truly shocked at how well it worked!

Needless to say I highly recommend Sting-Kill and believe it should be in every medicine cabinet. Insect stings happen, but they don’t have to be more painful than necessary. Easy to use and cheap, do yourself a favor and get some. You’ll thank me later.



5 thoughts on “Product Review: Maximum Strength Sting-Kill Capsules

    • Yikes, and on the foot too! That’s the worst.

      I imagine you have quite a few buggers up in rural Washington state. Most of what we have here are the run of the mill things I listed but we do also have velvet ants (aka “cow killers”) and I have seen a tarantula hawk on occasion. Trust me when I say you never want to be stung by either of those. That’s a pain you won’t forget anytime soon.

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      • I’ve never heard of a tarantula hawk. Naturally I Googled it. Then I had to watch a YouTube video of a tarantula hawk vs. a tarantula. (The TH won.)
        I am terrified of bees so I was really rooting for the tarantula. Poor bugger.
        Anyway. We don’t have anything that terrifying around here.


      • Yeah. They are a sight to behold. Just don’t get too close.

        If you’re ever bored watch Coyote Peterson’s sting series where he does subject himself to the most painful insect stings. Even through his searing pain he can describe what he’s feeling and the effects the venoms have on his body. It’s a painful job but all in the name of scientific research.

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