Fidget Spinners, Fidget Spinners, Spinning Around!!! (WeFidget Spinners Reviews)

Yes, I know fidget spinners are so 2017, so sue me. I’ll be the first to admit when I first saw them hit the big time I thought they were the silliest thing I’d ever seen. I just saw people twirling them and I’m like “really?”

Then I noticed my boss had one on his desk that he never used. Nothing fancy – just a basic tri-spinner style. I picked it up and started messing with it and I almost fell in love. Is this real? Is what I’ve heard about them helping autists real? Well hey, my desire to flap my hands is gone! I just twirl the fidget spinner instead. How convenient! Oh, and I love the gyroscopic feeling in the hand.

So that’s when I was trying to find some place to source some for myself, but that’s when Neurodivergent Rebel did a review on a couple of spinners she had received from! How convenient right? I just had to hop on and order a variety of spinners. I placed my order on Thursday and they arrived today for a quick turnaround for free shipping.

The spinners arrived very well packaged, as you can see here:


For sure they all were well padded as to make sure to arrive to you in perfect condition.

Then of course came the unveiling and here’s where things got really awesome. As you can see here, I got a variety of spinners: a couple of traditional tri-spinners, their “Trinity” model and two of their “The Bar” models (the colors shown were a buy one get one free special):


So they all look good and well-built, so let’s just talk about each of these models in a little more detail. We’ll go in order of the ones I personally preferred, starting from least favorite to favorite (not that any of them were bad; they were all very good indeed).

The Galaxy Tri-Spinner: A plastic tri-spinner that’s very light in the hand and spins almost silently. This would be a great option for those who like tri-spinners but prefer something a little lighter in weight. Admittedly it is a bit too light for me but was still very satisfying to spin in my hand. Spins for a long time and is damn near silent, and it looks cool! Just be careful because the little washers inside can pop out without much effort.

The Bar: I was genuinely surprised this little thing has a little bit of heft to it. It’s actually a few grams heavier than the aforementioned Galaxy. Oh, and it spins practically forever and absolutely silently! Though a little small for just sitting at my desk and twirling, it is the perfect “travel” spinner – I can stuff it in the front pockets of my “Davy” Dukes without them protruding out the bottom and anyone being the wiser. It’s small enough to spin on the fly where I won’t unduly distract anyone. It’s an awesome little thing, though for office/home use I do prefer something a bit bigger, but it was still a satisfying experience.

Now, before I move onto the next two, I decided to get a shot of them on a light background so you can really see the stunning likeness of the rainbow chromatic spinners I selected:


Aren’t those just super attractive? Well, let’s talk about each one of those now.

The Trinity: I was truly surprised by this lovely little spinner. It’s a fair bit heavier than what you would think it would be, which makes for a great feel in the hand. Much like the bar it spins seemingly forever and is absolutely silent. The extra heft lends itself well to having a bit of a gyroscopic feeling in the hand, but it isn’t overbearing. I can definitely see why this is their most popular model and it’s well-earned. Oh, and the rainbow chromatic finish matches my rainbow barbel earrings just perfectly, let’s not forget that.

And now for my favorite: 

The Chrome Tri-Spinner: If you like a really heavy spinner this is the spinner for you. That’s why this is my favorite. It is very heavy – approximately 4 ounces by my estimate. The heft gives it a very strong gyroscopic feeling when spun, which is very satisfying to me in that it gives almost the same sensation as hand flapping. Though it doesn’t spin quite as long as the smaller models and it does take a little more effort to get going, this did give me the most tactile satisfaction. It also makes a tiny bit of noise when held close to the ear, but again, that’s a small tradeoff for the feel. This is one I’ll keep around the house as I don’t want to ever lose it. This was as close to the perfect fidget spinner as it could get for my personal taste.

No doubt I’ll definitely enjoy twirling all of these but I did have a couple of stand-outs for the ones I liked the best. They are all very well-built indeed – much higher quality than toy store, department store or convenience store fidget spinners. I can tell some engineering went into these as they are all leaps and bounds above your run of the mill spinners.

As there is no such thing as the best fidget spinner for everyone, please take my personal rankings with a grain of salt. What matters is what feels good to you and the quality of build. I fully believe that no matter which model you choose (be it one of these or any of the other models they have available) you won’t go wrong. These are quality spinners and I would recommend them to anyone.

Go check them out at and pick your perfect spinner. I can wholeheartedly endorse these spinners. They really are a notch above the rest. And thanks for the recommendation, Miss NR. Greatly appreciated.

I couldn’t conclude this post without sharing the song referenced in the title of this post. It’s quite comical, though it’s not for the faint of heart of the easily offended. Enjoy, if you dare!


4 thoughts on “Fidget Spinners, Fidget Spinners, Spinning Around!!! (WeFidget Spinners Reviews)

  1. OMG! That song/video is hysterical!😂 The three cigarettes…😂😂
    I’ve bought several different spinners for Ben and he just doesn’t care. Just not his thing I guess. I bought a spinner ring for my index finger and spin it with my thumb. Hah, even when I’m not wearing it😏
    Spin on, good sir…spin on!💌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG I love iridescent colors like that! Because Rainbows!! 🤗🤗. The silence is good, too, for those Shared Spaces; that way, one could keep it on the down-low 😁 And that song….😂😂😂


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