“Erasable” Tattoo Ink???

So I saw this YouTube video on my artist’s Facebook page and found it quite interesting.

Apparently this ink is applied just like indelible ink but it’s designed to break down quickly – after about a year or so, compared with indelible ink that, although does break down to a certain degree over time, will never completely fade away. Admittedly I don’t even understand the science behind this but it is an interesting concept that I have mixed feelings about.

Let me first say that this does not appeal to me in any way, shape or form. I think most tattoo enthusiasts would agree. When I get a tattoo I do so with the intention of it being with me forever. I spend weeks to months with my artist doing sketches and modifications to get it exactly where I want it. It has to be perfect in my eye before the needle ever touches my skin. As most of my tattoos have some sort of personal significance or symbolism that is largely static, I definitely prefer for it to be with me permanently. It is something you should consider if you are thinking about getting a tattoo anyway – how will you feel about it 5, 10, 20, etc. years from now? It’s a long-term investment. All of these do need to be pondered.

That said, whereas most have seemed to shit all over this idea, I actually see some value to it. Those horrible tattoo mistakes people make all the time – tribal tattoos, significant others’ names, trendy “flash” art, getting tattooed while drunk? This would be a good option I think, not only for clients but artists. It can definitely save some regret later for life circumstances that can change (divorce being the most notable example). It can also be used by artists for people who are not “all there” and get tattooed on a whim to save someone some major regret and either painful removal or cover-up later. I even see it as an advantage for artists to use on themselves to show off a variety of their own work (yes, many artists do in fact tattoo themselves). Above all, I see this as an awesome option for shows like Ink Master – how many shit tattoos have been done on that show and how many angry canvases return a year or two later? There’s no guarantee the canvases will get the tattoo they want. This could save a lot of heartache for them.

We all have a limited amount of canvas. As part of tattoo culture is the process and you can only repeat it so much before you’re “full,” so one does have to choose carefully. Of course, tattoos need to be touched up and sometimes completely re-done at times so one will never completely remove oneself from it, but that’s another consideration.

Anyway, although I doubt I would ever use this option on me and I doubt many people will opt for it, I think it’s a good tool to have in the arsenal. What do you all think?

PS: I’m totally itching for some new ink. I just don’t have a clear vision for my next piece yet.


One thought on ““Erasable” Tattoo Ink???

  1. Interesting. I guess it might be good if you’ve got a piece in mind that you’re not totally sure about and want to “try it out”. Or, all the examples you gave…

    I don’t think it’s anything I’d ever use. I like the two I have. One is over twenty years old and the other is almost twenty. I’ve been ready for new ink since about five minutes after my second piece was done😆 health, finances… life has thus far denied me😲 Maybe with the recent string of “good things”, I’ll be able to add new ink👍

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