My Autism And Current Events

(Warning: political content ahead).

It’s been almost 1.5 years since Cheeto-Hitler, Pussy-Grabber or whatever the fuck you want to call that subhuman piece of monkey shit assumed the throne due to the inequitable way we elect presidents in this country. Not that the alternative was much better mind you, but I remained somewhat optimistic that tRump wouldn’t be as bad as many of us had feared. I think it’s safe to say he’s much worse than we all feared.

With the recent dealings with Syria and now Iran, anyone who claims we aren’t on the brink of another world war is blind. It’s going to happen sometime very soon, and with that comes resuming a highly unconstitutional practice: military drafting.

Yes, I’ll admit I registered with the Selective Service when I was young and stupid. Luckily for me though I never had any chance at being drafted. My risks were zero. The reason? I’m on the autism spectrum. Autism spectrum disorders are an automatic disqualification from military service in the US.

Of course, being 31 years old now I’ve exceeded the age of liability (26), but the point remains that if for whatever reason the age of liability were increased (it used to be as high as 50 years old!!!) I have an out and I could still never be drafted and forced to fight in a war I do not support. For that, I’m actually relieved. For once being on the autism spectrum worked to my benefit.

I can, however, see the other side of the argument. Should autistic individuals be automatically precluded from military service? One can argue the fairness of that but I would say that the military would be a toxic environment for nearly all of us. As such, I might break rank and say this preclusion is probably fair, and not just because I’ve benefited from it, but because I don’t see how anyone on the spectrum could thrive in that environment. By all means I am willing to entertain that debate so please comment your thoughts on that.

As it is right now there is no draft. There is no push to reactivate the draft, but if things continue as they are it will happen. If we get into WW3 then you better believe it will happen.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have refused to register, not because I have any risk of being drafted (obviously) but just out of principle. Conscription is unconstitutional in the US, regardless of what legal and mental gymnastics are used to justify the Selective Service. A strict interpretation of the constitution of the United States makes it clear that conscription is not consistent with its contents. I would have dealt with not qualifying for financial aid and made it work. The Feds have shown they don’t really have an interest in prosecuting refusals to register anyway. Nobody has been prosecuted for it since the 1980s and you know there are many who don’t register today.

With talk of requiring women to register in the name of gender equality, I say the truly fair and equitable solution is to abolish the Selective Service. I am for gender equality and therefore I am against forced military service for all genders.

Until then though, I can rest easy knowing no matter what happens I can never be drafted, and that’s a peace of mind none of my neurotypical male friends can have, and I feel sorry for you. I truly hope for your sake the draft never resumes but in our current global political landscape one can never be sure of that.


One thought on “My Autism And Current Events

  1. Huh… I didn’t even know that guys were required to register. I remember my brother registering when he turned 18, but that was in 1989 and I think it was a fairly new requirement. I had daughters so the topic never came up.
    What a crock of shit! Either do like Israel and require every able person to do service for a set number of years or make it one hundred percent voluntary. Sheesh! There’s enough MAGA freekoids and “Border Militia” idjits that wanna play with guns, let *them* register.
    I can’t imagine an autistic person in military. At first I thought rules and procedures might appeal to some but, illogical rules, loud noises, uncomfortable clothing… It would be all kinds of Hell, I imagine.
    The electoral college should’ve been abolished after W stole the presidency from Gore. Popular vote winner should be the winner. Period.


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