Song Lyric Sunday 5/6/18 – The Devil

Song Lyric Sunday is upon us once again. As an antithesis to last week’s theme, this week’s theme is devil/demons. OK, cool, I’ve got just the song for this!

This week’s song is called, quite simply, “The Devil.” This song was released in 2004 and is featured on the album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending – so titled as the album marked two childhood friends making amends after a mutual falling out in the early 1990s. Those two individuals need no introduction whatsoever here, other than to credit the songwriter whose initials are RO.

The devil, take me now
Before I’m ushered out
‘Cause you are like me
But I can bleed

And I can die
But I can’t hide
From you

Prisoners of course
Taken by force
To smother my streams
Tonight in my dreams

‘Cause I can die
But I can’t hide
The way is clear
Away from here
And you

Keeping it short and sweet this week. Though there’s not much to it, I think the devils/demons we face in our lives can be easily be personified in these lyrics, whatever they might be.

Anyway, as always, hope you enjoyed and catch you next week!


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