Meeting A Fellow Blogger


For the first time in almost two years of my blog, I got to meet a fellow blogger! “Laina” over at The Silent Wave and Who Loves Kitty, being true to the name of her personal blog, made the 4.5 hour drive out to Abilene to collect two adorable kittens and take them to their forever home.

About the time her beloved Murphy passed away my sister’s cat gave birth to three kittens, two of which made it. As our rule here is only two cats in the house, we had to re-home the offspring and, as the timing worked out, the stars lined up so that she and her husband were able to give them the home they so deserve.

Laina and her husband arrived at home headquarters around 11:15 AM to come have a “meet and greet” with my family and their two new fur kids. Much as I expected, it was love at first sight (not that I had any doubts whatsoever – I’d been sending Laina weekly updates and of course she just gushed over all of them). After hanging out at HQ for awhile, I led them to the Taylor County Taphouse here in Abilene for lunch and drinks where we shared lively conversation, lunch (with excellent gluten-free options for them) and drinks. It was truly a special time to share.

After a quick pit-stop to top off fuel and get refreshments for the road, they arrived back at home HQ to collect the prize. We said our final goodbyes to the little bundles of fluff, Laina and I pressed up against one another in a hug that seemed to go on forever (not that I mind – I love hugs – and she said I give the best hugs!) and they got back on the road to return to San Antonio and I retired back to the house to cue up NASCAR. Timing worked out perfect.

It couldn’t have been a better day for it either – warm enough to sport my shorty shorts and show off my multiple pieces of body art (so she got the full experience of who I am!) but not too blistering hot as to make her car drive miserable.

A little sad to see the cute little kittens go, but they couldn’t have gone to a better home. They will be well-cared for, happy and healthy. I have no questions about that.

Thanks for the company today, Laina. I truly enjoyed it. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again sometime soon. I know you’ll be great furparents to the two kittens. Just be sure to inundate us with pictures as they grow up. It’ll be much appreciated.

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  1. I’ve met fellow bloggers several times! I’ve always said that blogging is good for meeting new friends while Facebook is good for finding old ones.
    Glad the kitties have a new home!

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  2. This was seriously one of the coolest days I’ve had in *years* πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for such a wonderful, joyful day, in so many ways! It was certainly a blast and I’m totally running calculations in my head of when we can get together again πŸ˜‰ And the little ones are acclimating very well! Of course, I that doesn’t surprise me coming from the fantastic home and family that they did–you and your family are awesome!! ❀ ❀


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