The Pain of Loss

“Many people ask me why I always sign off ‘Till we meet again.’ Because goodbye is always so final. Goodbye, Dan Wheldon.” – Marty Reid, ABC commentator, after the crash at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that took the life of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon in 2011.

I remember very vividly watching that nasty crash as it unfolded but never in a million years did I think anyone would have died in that mess. When the news broke I was actually hurt and when Marty Reid closed the broadcast with the above words it hit me hard.

Since then I’ve changed my parting line to something similar, because goodbye really is so final and I reserve it for occasions such as this.

Today, my heart hurts terribly. Yesterday a very good friend of mine lost a hard fought battle against pneumonia. She seemed to have been making a recovery but things turned for the worse.

We didn’t know each other that long but in that time I came to regard her as one of the kindest and most gentle, beautiful people I’ve ever met. She was always there giving me words of encouragement even in my darkest days. She saw in me what I didn’t see in myself at the time. I’m sure I always drove her nuts with my ramblings about what a nobody I felt like but she never got mad, only reassured me that some day things had to get better. When they did she shared in my celebration as well as my trials and tribulations even recently.

Right now I feel for her husband (also a very good friend to me), her family, friends and fur babies. We are all feeling the incredible pain of this loss. Words cannot express the pain I feel right now.

This isn’t something I’ve had to deal with much in the past few years. It still hurts when it does though. I’ll cherish the fond memories, and maybe even the tough times.

Yes, indeed, goodbye is always so final. Goodbye, dear friend. I hope you are no longer in pain and are once again one with the stars. I’ll always love you, even in death and will never forget you.

3 thoughts on “The Pain of Loss

  1. Dang it! Hit send too fast.
    Anyway, the people (and fur babies) who pass are never really gone from us as long as we hold their memories. Sounds/looks/reads(?) like you have some wonderful memories of your friend.


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