A Dorky Text Conversation

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and felt you’re both total dorks afterward? Well that’s exactly what happened last night between a dear blogger friend and myself.

Laina over at Who Loves Kitty and The Silent Wave lost her beloved cat Murphy this week. It’s never easy to lose a furbaby (trust me, I know, I lost my black manx cat not too long ago myself). Alas, we’ve hit the max again in my house with cats and another cat my sister brought home recently had kittens so they needed a home, and guess who’s taking them? That’s right, none other than Laina herself. So glad they’ll be going to a great home and that I’ll be getting to meet a blogging pal face-to-face soon!

Anyway, after the deal was settled things got a little crazy in our back-and-forth chain. I am, with permission, re-posting that chain here so you all can get a great laugh out of it. If you recognize these quips, well, let’s just say you might be as big of a dork as we are.












Ahem…yeah. We’re so fucking special for sure (and yes, TFF did do a cover of that song, by the way, so that counts).

2 thoughts on “A Dorky Text Conversation

  1. Awww!! I am *always* happy as hell to geek out with you, my friend! 😍🤗❣. That *was* one of the Awesomest. Convos. Ever! Thank you so much for that. One of the funnest Friday nights I’ve had in a long time! 😎🤓💖📚


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