The Soundtrack to My Life

Rachel over at Illuminated Literation invited us to participate in a little challenge called “The Soundtrack to My Life.”  Is there a certain song that resonates with me?

Well I can think of two. This first one is my favorite song by my favorite band. Of all the countless attempts by other artists to capture the essence of this song, nobody quite does it as well as Tears for Fears did in 1982. Whereas every cover of this song is slow and sappy, TFF’s upbeat take on this song just adds to the insanity, and dare I say it, “madness.”

Interesting tidbit: every cover version of this song gets the next to last lyric wrong. The actual next to last lyric is “Halargian World” – an inside joke by Curt Smith. Halarge is a fictional planet and a common joke among the band members was to say something “was so Halargian.” Hence it stuck.

The other song came along much, much later than the above song – November 2004 to be exact. I was a senior in high school when this song was released and the first time I heard this song I was like “man, that’s SO me.”

13 years post-high school, this song is STILL so me. I’m still flying solo, walking that lonely road – it’s the only one I’ve ever known. I don’t know where it goes, but it’s home to me.

And yes, I walk alone.

Thanks for the challenge Rachel! It’s always cool to express ourselves through music.

4 thoughts on “The Soundtrack to My Life

  1. Of course once I hear Mad World I totally recognized it! But I’ve only ever heard remakes. Great song! I really enjoyed listening to Boulevard of Broken Dreams again too! Thanks for playing along!

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    • You’re in the majority of my age bracket. Everyone seems to know the remakes but nobody seems to know it was originally a TFF song.

      Of course, I’m sure you’re moderately familiar with TFF with songs like “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Shout” (as in “shout, shout let it all out…”), etc. but maybe not some of their other stuff.

      Glad to play along. It was fun.

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  2. I actually like the Gary Jules remake better. I know, I know… blasphemy🙊 It’s a great song.

    Green Day is always fantastic! If you ever get the chance to see them in concert, I highly recommend it!!
    Jesus Of Suburbia is pretty much my teens.

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  3. I’ve been listening to TFF’s Mad World since finding out about it from your post. I’ve heard other remakes but didn’t know about this one. I love the TFF version so much better. You are right to say that it adds to the song’s madness. When I’m mad, it’s not just about being sad, I get enraged, I get manic and this original version just captures it perfectly! Thanks for sharing.


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