Reader Question: What’s My Favorite Picture Book?

I love getting just random questions from my followers. I enjoy the interaction and it almost makes the blogosphere feel more personal. Alas, I don’t get many of them so I respond to the question, regardless of topic.

Rachel over at Illuminated Literation would like to know what my favorite picture book is.

Well, I have no hesitation for that question. For my favorite picture book we are going back to 1977 with this timeless classic by Eric Carle. I’ve always enjoyed his books but one stands out for me, and that’s this one:

The Grouchy Ladybug

I loved this book since I was a little kid. The story line is hilarious I think and shows bullies do eventually get their just desserts. The growing sizes of the pages with the growing sizes of the opponents is also a creative use of paper and illustrations I think. These elements combine to make it my favorite picture book. I enjoyed it as a kid and though I will never have children of my own, I’ve been enjoying reading it to my nephew lately.

For a reading of this book, here you go:

Thank you for your question Rachel!

Do you have just a random burning question for me? Ask away!


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