One in five…

This is disgusting. This kind of thought process is precisely what shut me out of my dream career. We as a society have to do better than this.

Ordinary Hopes

Apparently, there is no greater disability in life than a bad attitude.

I have been reading that line on social media for far too long.

And it annoys me!

Because no matter how positive a person is, when faced by steps,  inaccessible toilets, sand, mud or some other physical barrier, a  good attitude simply doesn’t magically make things accessible!

Then I saw this statistic from the Papworth Trust.

1 in 5 British adults (21%) surveyed think disabled people need to accept unequal opportunity in their lives. Men are more likely than women to hold this view (28% compared with 15%). This is the “bad attitude”.

Suddenly I see that, yes, a bad attitude is disabling people!

We have 650 MPs in the House of Commons. “One in five” could mean that 130 of them may well think that disabled people should stop complaining and just accept that they can’t access life fully.

There are approximately 800 members of the House of Lords. Which means that there could be 160 Lords who may not believe that disabled people should expect equality.

Data from…

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One thought on “One in five…

  1. You’re right. It is absolutely disgusting. I don’t believe that things are any better here in the US.
    I am one of those people that is a “drain on society” because I receive SSDI. I *look* fine. I must be a faker.
    King Ben should just act “normal”, right? Forget that it’s impossible for him to be anything other than autistic with all the sensory issues that entails.
    Sometimes I wish all the judgemental jerks could spend one day living the life they so harshly judge. One. Day.


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