Reblog: Sewing The Seeds, #TearsForFears #Compassion #1000Speak

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’ve leaned so heavily on their music over the years. So prophetic and ahead of its time. It’s almost like their words predicted the modern world.

Her Headache

“Time…to eat all your words…swallow your pride…open your eyes.”

I won’t include a link to TFF’s most well-known song: Everybody Wants to Rule the World, because I am sick of power and reckless lack of humanity.

As we show the next generation the way, we need to show them love, but too many of us won’t admit where we went wrong ourselves.

Though, (both love and hate, as movements/floods), can, instead, be seen as seeds sewn in each and every one of us given the right environment for such strong emotions.

Adults, those who are handed the positions of power and leadership, do your job and LEAD!!!

I am tired. I am not thinking all that straight. I just can’t…

I was pulled in two different directions on this night, just after February 20th, and of equal wonder, though firmly rooted in sadness for everything I wish could be different…

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One thought on “Reblog: Sewing The Seeds, #TearsForFears #Compassion #1000Speak

  1. The fear and hopelessness of today’s world feels very much like the 80s felt. Back then we were all waiting to see if the Soviets or Reagan was going to be the first to push the button and start nuclear annihilation.
    It seems like things got a little better for a little while and now it’s all crashing again. 💔


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