First Day/Workplace Accommodations

So I started my new job today and I can already tell this is going to be so much of a better fit for me. In addition to being closer to home and thus closer to friends and family, my immediate supervisor is much more understanding of my unique challenges as an individual on the autism spectrum and thus much more willing to provide the necessary accommodations for me to be able to perform at my best.

The most notable thing he did was to put me in a very secluded office toward the back of the building. This will allow me the limited-distraction environment I need in order to be able to excel at my job. At my old job I had an office right in the main hallway and that was a linked to the conference room. Yep; one door went to the hall and the other to the conference room. As such, I had countless people cut through my office to get to the conference room as opposed to going through the lobby. In this new setting, hardly anyone will be able to barge in unannounced or unwelcome. As it will be out of the way, only if someone really needs to consult with me will be inclined to go out of their way to come visit with me in my office. As my job involves a lot of highly technical information and some intense mathematical calculations, the limited distraction environment is a must for me.

I really struggled in the beginning when I started doing drafting, not going to lie. My old company only provided me limited training and the rest I’m largely self-taught. When asked if adequate hands-on training would be provided for the new software I’ll be using, they said they’d absolutely be willing to provide that training. I’m not one who can learn by sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture. I have to get my hands dirty. There’s a disconnect between written/spoken word and doing for me.  I require a little bit of patience but I usually get something after a few repetitions of doing it myself (the first couple with a guide).

Of course, having a secluded office will also mean I can have a resistance band and a pair of dumbbells for me to do some light exercise throughout the day to get the blood flowing again. This is essential for me to remain focused and perform optimally.

As a side note, my new company has absolutely no problem with tattoos or piercings so that is not a worry for me. I know some companies are royal sticks in the mud about it but not this one. Glad to know there are a lot more forward-thinking companies out there who don’t judge one’s talent or ability by how he/she chooses to decorate his/her body. As I have more new ink planned in the near future (and maybe a new piercing or two – trying to decide if I have the nerve to get an industrial/bar on one or both sides), I can rest easy knowing whatever art I add to me will not be a cause for dismissal or a modified dress code.

Aside from working on a cold, I’d say it was a good first day at my new job. Once I adapt to the new routine (worst of which is getting up an hour earlier – my hours are 7-4 as opposed to 8-5). I’ll just have to adjust my sleep schedule to match.

Anyway, things are looking up for sure. Here’s hoping I settle in soon and that things will be much better for me moving forward.

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  1. Dude, I am ecstatic for you! Super-stoked. It sounds like right off the bat, this company is head and shoulders better than the former one. Sure, there is a “honeymoon period” with most new situations, but it really does seem like these guys are more on the ball from the git-go than anyone ever was at your old place. Cheers! Wishing you the best of luck 🍻😁👍🏼🍀

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