This Is It…

Honestly, it just started really hitting me hard last night. This is it. Today is my last day at my current company. It feels surreal almost. Of course I have a slight bit of apprehension but if I don’t take a chance now I might never and then I will be stagnant and complacent forever, and who wants that?

Nah, it really is time. At 5:00 PM today when I walk out of that office in Kaufman for the last time it will be with my head held high, a smile on my face and ready to embrace the next adventure. It will be an adjustment for sure and it’ll take awhile to adapt, but once I do I just have this feeling I will be a much happier person.

Nonetheless, the staff is being nice enough to treat me to lunch as like a farewell party, for which I gladly accepted. Though I won’t miss the Met and I sure won’t miss most of my coworkers and managers, I will miss a few close personal friends I’ve made during my time there. I’m sure they’ll be keeping in touch via LinkedIn or something.

I just hope in due time I reflect fondly on my six months in DFW(TF) and my 2.5 years total at the company. As painful as it was most of the time, it was the job I needed when I needed it and for that I am very grateful.

Alas, when one door closes another one opens so instead of “it’s over,” it’s more like “on to bigger and better things.” I feel that deep inside. Whatever cosmic forces might exist I feel are pointing me in this direction and have been from the start. It just took something major and nearly catastrophic (my 2nd accident) to finally get my attention. I’m not a believer in god but I am a believer in forces and, to a certain extent, signs. I’d been blowing them off for months, then it took one big one to say “hey stupid.”

Well, time to make that drive one last time. To a better future and a happier me.


2 thoughts on “This Is It…

  1. Enjoy your day Lynn. I like your attitude, make today a good memory. Enjoy the people who were good to you, and hey even the people who treated you poorly. I bet in some capacity they are all sad (some jealous) to see you go.😄


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