Let The Postmortem Begin…

Almost exactly 24 hours ago I submitted my resignation from what is soon to be my former company. In that time, not unexpectedly, has come the outpouring of attempts to manipulate me into staying.

I knew it would happen and someone of a weaker will than I might cave into them. However, that is just not the person I am. Such tactics rarely, if ever, work on me – I liken it to the abortion debate. I remain staunchly pro-choice despite the scare tactics the opposition likes to use. That’s not to say I lack empathy – I have plenty of it. I just have the ability to have “selective” empathy. Does that make me a psychopath? I don’t think so, but it does mean I don’t let my emotions totally control my decisions.

One person in particular is REALLY trying to guilt-trip me – the “senior” assembly/disassembly director. He actually had quit and went to work for another crane company briefly before returning. His comment to me? “Sometimes you just never know what you had until it’s gone.”

Honestly, it took everything I had not to laugh in his face. I’m not sure he sees what I see in my new opportunity. It’s about more than being with family and friends again. It’s about personal and professional growth. I’ve stagnated at my current company and unless I had the time and money to go back to school to eventually obtain a P.E. certification (which I don’t – nor do I really have the desire to) there’s no more room for advancement for me here. I see a lot more room to advance at a smaller, but rapidly growing, company. With the more advanced software my new company uses I see more room to learn new things as well. The position I have accepted didn’t even exist prior to me applying for it – it was created for me to help with expansion.

It’s also about being treated like shit, talked down to, etc. by so many in this company – not necessarily my immediate supervisor. It’s about the better benefits package at the other company (quite frankly my current company is CHEAP in terms of PTO, etc.).

Jobs just run their course a lot of the time. Life pulls you from one job to another. That’s just a fact, and I feel this one has run its course. I’m leaving with my head held high and absolutely no regrets – it was exactly the job I needed at the time in my life the door opened up. In a way, as painful as it was for me to live here in Dallas, I think it was necessary to open my eyes to something. I had always said how badly I wanted out of Abilene, then I finally did leave Abilene and I was miserable. It made me realize what I would be leaving behind. I guess Abilene will always be my home.

Alas, long-term I’m sure I’ll reflect fondly on my short stay in Dallas. I saw TFF in concert (along with H&O), I met a couple of cigar gods, I did a lot of things. I hope over time it’s those memories that rise to the forefront of my reflections.

Anyway, I digress. I know my coworkers and supervisors are going to be working hard on me the next few days. That’s OK. I knew that going into it. I just have to stand tall like a man, be headstrong like a horse (cookie for who gets that reference) and not let it get to me. If I can get through the next few days, I’ll have it made.

Here’s to better days ahead.


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