Potential Job – New Development

I promised I’d keep you guys updated on any new developments with my job situation and I have another one as of this afternoon!

The branch manager called me this afternoon toward the close of business and my 2nd interview is scheduled for Friday evening! This will be largely a practical interview – he’ll be setting me up with a CAD system to have me draft a mock lift plan. I can’t imagine it’ll be anything too complicated.

Nonetheless, I’ll be doing a fair bit of study in preparation for this. Brush up on some lesser-known CAD skills as well as some other things. I’ve got this golden opportunity here, I’m not going to squander it.

Luckily things have been pretty slow at work so I’ll have plenty of time to brush up and practice in both familiar software and a web based application just to keep fresh with that. It’s always a good thing to stay on one’s toes after all.

This is my chance to show what I’m made of. Wish me luck!


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