A Few Monday Morning Ramblings

Maybe it’s just me, but I am having a hard time giving a fuck about the tasks in front of me. I don’t really see why I should either – my focus is not on this job, but landing a new one. Knowing that my time here is in all likelihood coming to an end, I just can’t be bothered to really care.

Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen? They fire me? Hah, I’m leaving anyway. After I submit my dissertation-length list of grievances to corporate HR I’ll be ineligible for rehire anyway so what the hell difference does it make?

On the other hand, damn is it ever hard to conceal when you’re looking for a new job. Having to be stealthy about it is not the easiest thing in the world. There is only one person in this office who knows about the progress with my job search and that’s the HR lady. I don’t trust anyone else with that kind of information. My emotionally and psychologically abusive boss managed to manipulate two people in my office into staying after submitting long-term resignation notices and I’m having to keep my guard up so I don’t fall victim to his tactics. This is largely why I’ve decided I’m not even giving a notice until the last possible second – as I have a lot of vacation time built up it’ll basically be “today is my last day” and then I’ll be going on vacation for the remainder of my employment here.

Anyway, I figure the other company is running my background right now (not that I have anything to hide – I’m squeaky clean) so once that comes back hopefully I can be scheduled for that 2nd interview. I’m hoping that goes down sometime this week and that I’m looking at about a 3-4 week timeline to be at the new company.

Will keep all my lovely followers updated as far as new developments. Stay tuned!

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