A Small Bit of Good Luck in a String of Misfortunes

I had mentioned about a week ago that I’ve suffered way more than my fair share of misfortunes since relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – known from hereon as “DFW(TF).” Two car accidents; other issues, you name it. It’s not been kind to me and I really decided I needed an out.

Well I just got a call 40 minutes ago from a crane company closer to home. I had filled out an app when I was on vacation over the holidays but they told me they had no engineering positions available. Oh well, never hurts to fill one out just in case right?

Man oh man am I glad I did. They want me to come in and interview. I guess one of their engineers is leaving, has recently left or they’re expanding their engineering department. Whatever the case, they sound pretty serious about wanting me on board.

Moving back to the Abilene area I can even afford to take a substantial pay cut because cost of living is so much lower, combined with my car insurance going down as well. That of course goes along with the fact I’ll be closer to friends/family again. I see this as a no-brainer – as long as the offer is anywhere in the ballpark I’m going “home.”

Of course, even if I go over to the other company it won’t be a forever job. Not by a long shot. It’ll just be long enough to hold me over until I’m in a position financially and credit-report wise (along with the person I’ve selected to be my future business partner) to launch L&B. However, if I can make my life more tolerable between now and then why wouldn’t I?

Wish me luck guys. Maybe this is the “out” I said I needed.


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