Beer/Cigar Reviews – Adelbert’s Dancin’ Monks, Sin Mint Temptress, Black Abyss and Padron Damaso

Welcome to another one of my beer/cigar reviews where we take a look at some notable (and some not-so-notable) beers and cigars. Let’s just jump right to it and start with today’s beer reviews.

Adelbert’s Dancin’ Monks

This Belgian style Dubbel hails from Adelbert’s Brewery in Austin, TX. It weighs in at 7.2% ABV and an unspecified IBU or gravity rating.

Pours a deep, hazy (unfiltered) chestnut brown color. Aromas of brown sugar and currant dominate the nose supported by a touch of banana. Flavors follow the palate pretty closely with raisins and currants being the star of the show supported by a body of brown sugar, molasses and banana. A hint of a yeasty bread toward the back and a clean finish. Medium in both body and carbonation and drinks very smoothly.

If there were such a thing as a session Belgian this would be it. Light enough to have a few and not weigh you down but very flavorful nonetheless. Rating: 4/5.

Sin Mint Temptress

Yet another variation of Temptress, this offering from Lakewood in Garland, TX features the addition of mint and graham cracker. It weighs in at 9.1% ABV, 56 IBU and an original gravity of 1.091 SG (21.75 Plato).

Pours pitch black as a good Imperial Stout should. 1″ brown head. The nose smells exactly like Girl Scouts thin mints, no joke. As far as the taste? Again, follows the nose entirely – dark chocolate, refreshing mint, graham cracker. This is supported by the luscious flavors of the Temptress brew – vanilla, roasted malt, a hint of coffee and a balanced bitterness. Thick body with low carbonation. Smooth drinking but definitely a slow sipper.

Definitely seductive and if you like Girl Scout Thin Mints you’re sure to love this beer. Rating: 4.5/5.

And now for today’s cigar reviews:

Black Abyss

This cigar features a Mexican San Andreas wrapper over a Corojo binder and Criollo long fillers. The size reviewed is the “Hydra” which is a 6″ x 52RG Torpedo vitola.

Two snips with the perfect cutter revealed a perfect draw producing ample medium bodied smoke. Flavors of plain, nutty tobacco on the draw and a faint pepper retrohale.

Getting into the first third the pepper drops completely and a slight natural sweetness enters into the draw. The pepper is replaced by a faint zingy wood on the nose. The 2nd third notes no flavor changes other than the body mellowing to a mild/medium. The final third wavers between mild/medium and medium with a fleeting reintroduction of the pepper. Ending at 50 minutes for a very fast burn time and no detectable nicotine strength.

Good construction with a near razor-sharp burn. Ash holds on about half the cigar at a time.

What can I say? This cigar was pretty plain and boring. I had high expectations and was hoping for a big pepper blast given the bands. Not so. If it is one thing I can say positive, the construction is flawless. Rating: 2.5/5.

Padron Damaso

A bit of a departure for Padron, this cigar is not a Nicaraguan Puro. It features Nicaraguan binder and filler under a light tan Connecticut wrapper. It’s billed as “having the consistency and quality of Padron but milder.” The size reviewed is the No. 8, which is a 5.5″ x 46RG Corona vitola.

First light revealed a perfect draw producing plumes of medium bodied smoke. Zingy/woody tones with hints of the signature Padron cocoa and sweet creamy flavors. A hint of pepper on the retrohale.

Getting into the first third the pepper drops entirely and a refreshing vanilla joins the draw, mixing very nicely with the cocoa and cream. Very consistent start to finish, the cigar ended at 50 minutes for a decent burn time for the vitola and showing no nicotine strength.

As expected, the construction was impeccable with a completely razor-sharp burn. Short ash, but that’s not too surprising for a Connecticut or the small-ish ring gauge, and what’s this? A triple cap?!?!? Why the hell don’t they put these on their normal cigars??? They obviously are capable of rolling them.

This might be the Cadillac of all Connecticuts in that it’s richer and much more complex than the vast majority of Connecticut blends (at least in the smaller ring size – there’s a reason I chose this size) but the price point just kills it. For $13-ish for the Corona up to a whopping $18-ish for the Churchill, I could just as easily have a Padron 1964 or low-end 1926 for the same price. If it was priced comparable to the standard Padron x000 Series these would be a really great stick to have with your morning coffee (think of it almost as a “Padron Light”). Alas, the bank-breaking price causes this stick to lose a full point in my ratings, bringing it down to a 3/5.

So that’s a wrap for today’s picks. Have you had any of them? Let me know what you thought!


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