Cigar Review: Blanco Liga Exclusiva de Familia Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro

Say that 10 times fast why don’t you?

This offering from Blanco Cigars comes in a very attractive looking cedar sleeve and artistic band design and features a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper (obvious) over Nicaraguan binder and long fillers. The size reviewed is a 6″ x 54RG Toro vitola.

The first light revealed a perfect draw producing a big volume of thick, chewy medium/full bodied smoke. Flavors of creamy leather on the draw and a very peppery retrohale accompanied by a faint note of oak.

Getting into the first third the flavors get much more complex introducing a subtle sweet cocoa on the draw. Pepper still present but less intense letting the oak shine through on the nose. There’s also a zingy lemon zest that comes in at the very beginning of the draw. The 2nd third retains all the same flavors but everything melds together a little more and gets really smooth. Strength starts setting in halfway. The last third is a little more subdued on the palate with mainly just the cream and oak with a tinge of the lemon left. The smoke started going too warm for my liking at 1 hour 30 minutes for a great burn time for the size. Strength holds at a mild/medium.

The typical impeccable Blanco construction was evident in this stick. Burn was absolutely razor sharp. Ash holds on about an inch and a half at a time.

If I could describe this cigar in one word it’s zesty. Bold, savory flavors that kept me coming back for more. I would consider this an “appetizer” cigar for sure – pair with a bold, hefty red wine or a nice bourbon for best results. Rating: 4.5/5.


A Small Bit of Good Luck in a String of Misfortunes

I had mentioned about a week ago that I’ve suffered way more than my fair share of misfortunes since relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – known from hereon as “DFW(TF).” Two car accidents; other issues, you name it. It’s not been kind to me and I really decided I needed an out.

Well I just got a call 40 minutes ago from a crane company closer to home. I had filled out an app when I was on vacation over the holidays but they told me they had no engineering positions available. Oh well, never hurts to fill one out just in case right?

Man oh man am I glad I did. They want me to come in and interview. I guess one of their engineers is leaving, has recently left or they’re expanding their engineering department. Whatever the case, they sound pretty serious about wanting me on board.

Moving back to the Abilene area I can even afford to take a substantial pay cut because cost of living is so much lower, combined with my car insurance going down as well. That of course goes along with the fact I’ll be closer to friends/family again. I see this as a no-brainer – as long as the offer is anywhere in the ballpark I’m going “home.”

Of course, even if I go over to the other company it won’t be a forever job. Not by a long shot. It’ll just be long enough to hold me over until I’m in a position financially and credit-report wise (along with the person I’ve selected to be my future business partner) to launch L&B. However, if I can make my life more tolerable between now and then why wouldn’t I?

Wish me luck guys. Maybe this is the “out” I said I needed.

Connect With Me!

You know, it sucks being a loner sometimes. I don’t really have any friends where I live and very few friends back home. Nights like tonight often leave me wishing I had someone to talk to “after hours” as it were (my coworkers don’t count; I’ve made it very clear to all of them that I’m a coworker and not a friend).

Please connect with me in any of the ways I have on my main page – email, Hangouts, Facebook (though be warned I can get pretty political there – of the more left-leaning variety), Skype, you name it. Chat me up anytime. If you’re nice enough (and live in the US) I’ll even give you my cell number. 😉

For me it’s nice to connect in the blogosphere and off so by all means, if you want to chat me up in any of those ways please do. Hope to hear from you soon!

Rental Car Woes…

Not that I’m complaining about what kind of rental car I have, mind you. It’s actually a really nice rental – a 2017 Ford Focus. Pretty much the same as my Fiesta control-wise but slightly larger so it was nothing to adapt to it. Alas, the problem I have with this rental is the problem I have with every rental: the transmission.

I know this is foreign to most Americans, but my Fiesta has one of these, if anyone even knows what these are anymore: a manual transmission.

Yes, I drive a manual. It’s all I’ve ever really known truth be told. The feeling of clutching and shifting is so natural to me now that I do it without a 2nd thought, and herein lies the problem: since it is 2nd nature to me I attempt to clutch and shift in an automatic even. This has led to me locking up the brakes in my rental THREE TIMES because I’ve reached for an imaginary clutch and clipped the huge brake pedal with my clutch (left) foot. Note that in a manual transmission the brake pedal is much smaller to accommodate the clutch pedal (which is the same size as the brake pedal).

I already miss my manual transmission. I personally will never own anything else. They get better fuel mileage (assuming a skilled driver), last longer and are just plain more fun, not to mention for me it’s a safety factor in that it helps keep me focused on the task at hand vs. drifting off (an autistic thing). I discussed this in a previous post.

I guess I should be glad to be still mobile but it’s driving me crazy in the meantime. It could always be worse I suppose.

Do you prefer an automatic or a manual? Can you even drive a manual? What do you think?

EDIT 1:42 PM CST: Just got a call from Progressive, repairs on my car should be complete a week from today. I can deal with that.


Song Lyric Sunday 1/14/18 – The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Our theme for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is natural disasters. I didn’t have to think twice about my pick because this song came front and center in my mind and it’s a song I’ve loved for a long time.

The song I’m choosing is a tale of how unpredictable weather/climate really can be. The crew of this ship thought they were good but the “gales of November” came early, bringing along three massive “rogue waves” which led to the untimely demise of the ship and its crew. It’s a sad story but told in a beautifully poetic way through the lens of the songwriter.

Here then is “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot (written by Gordon Lightfoot). The lyrics are transcribed in the video so I don’t need to write them out here.

This song never ceases to bring a tear or two to my eye. So tragic, but so beautifully and poetically told.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Hope you enjoyed.

Demonstration: Why Needle Piercings Are Superior

I was changing my earrings this morning and decided to take a second and do this as a quick demonstration for one of the many reasons why needle piercings are superior to gun piercings. Take a look at this picture:


You see that light shining through the hole? There you go. The hollow needles used for professional piercings actually create a hole. It might not sound pleasant to have a complete chunk taken out of you but it really is much better because that allows the jewelry to be easily accommodated – it just slides right in. Compare this to a gun piercing that doesn’t actually remove any flesh at all and just pushes it aside by forcing a blunt stud through the earlobe (or whatever else you’re getting pierced).

The best analogy I know to compare the two piercing methods is punching a hole in a stack of paper with the tip of a pair of scissors vs. using a hole punch. The scissors don’t actually cut the paper – they tear it and lo and behold you can still fold the torn paper back on itself and close it. A hole punch takes a hole out of the paper cleanly and effortlessly. Then when you go to put said stack of papers in a binder which is easier to put in the binder? I rest my case.

Sure, most people who get gun piercings have no problems, but I’ve know some people struggle to put jewelry in theirs to the point of almost re-piercing it when they change it. I’ve never had those problems, EVER.

Keep in mind this is not a large piercing either. What you see above is just a standard 14g piercing. Nothing special, yet light still shines through it. Good luck doing that with a gun piercing. Most of the time whatever hole is left by those is tiny and why you often have to finagle the jewelry into place.

If this doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will. Please do not get piercings at the mall. Go to your local professional and have it done correctly. It will no doubt me more expensive and slightly more time consuming but the results will be so much better.

Thank you.